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Thank you staff team.


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 To Start I just want to say Hi my name is Midway or IRL jimmy and I have been playing IG for 2 going on 3 years, there has been so much going on this year and I have thought about the staff and how helpful they have been to not just to me but to many others within the community. 

From the Admins, Event masters and Developers you have made my experience on imperial Gaming so awesome and I am so grateful to have you guys on the staff team and I hope everyone of you keep trying your best and do the best in game and IRL, I feel like you don't get appreciated that much or that might be me but anyway you have made me happy while playing gmod and to this day I continue to enjoy my stay on Imperial gaming.

To Cecil if you are reading this thanks for popping in the server and making announcements on bulling and other topics to raise awareness on these problems we have within the community.

(whole community) Hope you all stay safe out there and have a good day/night. 


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Hey I was thinking of making one of these posts but I was looking back through general and found this. I thought I would just bump it back to the top because I truly think the Staff team have been going above and beyond for the community recently. I have been doing a few summaries of the recent posts for some of the higher ups on the team and I feel good doing it because I know that what they are doing is their best to take in suggestions and opinions from the community, to make sure that we all enjoy our times on the server. 

Everyone has been putting in a lot of time into the new weapon rework and while a few people have their doubts, I think bottom line it's great that management and the team have been constantly looking for input, asking commanders and the rest of us plebeians what we want and what we think would be suitable for our regiments. On top of that they have just been doing a great job recently of just keeping us going, running events in and out of actual missions. Since coming back I have been loving my time on the server, it gives off a great vibe and especially with stuff like Cecil's bullying post, it all just feels like a community that I can exist in knowing that I won't be judged or looked down on for my hobbies and unhealthy star wars obsession. 

From me to the staff team. Thank you for making my time on the server even from when I joined years ago, such an amazing time and a place I yearn to come back to after a bad day, or a long day of work. It is a world I can exist in where I can be myself while not being myself at the same time. I feel truly at home and the ongoing evolution of the community and server only pushes me to stay. I wish I stayed all those years ago like @SCHEFF has but what happens happens. Can't stay DT forever I guess. You guys fucking rock and I love ya work. Peace. 

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