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Ladies and Gentlemen, let's have a discussion about weebs.


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Urban Dictionary defines a weeb as "a person who has an obsession with anime no cap".


Urban Dictionary also defines weeb's as "cursed beings who must rely on anime as a form of sustenance in addition to normal food. Without anime to sustain them, they will succumb to the UwU's and Oni Chaaaaan's which are often fatal."


While my steam profile might suggest the opposite, I am not a weeb. To account a list of different anime/manga/h*ntai that I have previously watched or read:

- One Punch Man

- One Piece

- Dragon Ball

- Tokyo Ghoul

- 7 Deadly Sins

- A various number of h*ntai shows displaying unrealistic representations of women.

This is an approximate number of anime shows and books that I have watched and read over the years. There was significant time between the watching and reading of each individual show and book.


My question and my reasoning for posting such an article is to gain a perspective from the community. After how many anime related shows and books can somebody watch and read before being rightfully called a weeb?


To give a perspective of what my steam profile looks like, I will provide a photo. (Possibly NSFW, avert your eyes if you are at work lmao)



Now I also ask the community, why is a man or women not allowed to have a anime profile background, steam background and list of artworks without being associated as a weeb. In my defense, I have come to believe that anime has a cool, soft and relaxing vibe to it. It can promote well-being and has been proven to release dopamine from your brain. However, I personally believe that there is a line that separates a person who watches anime when they're bored, and a person who watches it as a lifestyle. In that regard, I would rightfully call that person a weeb.


In conclusion, to justify my opinion, I do not associate with weebs just because my steam profile is filled with anime. Regardless, what is your opinion on how many anime related shows and books can somebody watch and read before being called a weeb?


Also, what is your general opinion about weebs? Good or bad, we've all had some sort of experience with a weeb one way or another.

Also, I do not associate with ******* (you know the meme)

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I would say once you start going after “art” of anime stuff. But I would also say once you have chosen a waifu you can never go back to being a normie. But ngl your profile is very weeb like my one honestly you will know once you have crossed the line of being a weeb. Also should mention my friend made a profile like this before and he hated weebs.(I dedicate my time making a chat for catgirls on a discord hidden in 501st vets and friends)F5258FFC-369A-42B8-89F9-209E50E2C3FB.thumb.png.0cde87aa0d205a53d47401631f6da89e.png

It’s small cuz I’m on iPad rn also send help 501st abuse me cuz I’m one


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Being a weeaboo is having an obsession with Japanese culture (correct me if I’m wrong I’m not at my PC Rn and I’m just guessing).

Due to the fact that anime and a lot of this stuff is Japanese invented / inspired, it pushes people towards calling themselves a weeb or even becoming one since they are watching these shows.

You could probably watch anime without being called a weeb or even in your own eyes becoming one if that’s that, you just watch it. Going the extra mile and creating a whole steam profile, pfp, etc. around it is when I’m gonna start calling you a weeb.

tl;dr you’re a filthy weeb

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According to the most reliable source of Urban Dictionary

A person who retains an unhealthy obsession with Japan and Japanese culture, typically ignoring or even shunning their own racial and cultural identity. Many weeaboos talk in butchered Japanese with the 8 or so words they know (i.e. kawaii, desu, ni chan). While weeaboos claim to love and support Japanese culture, counter intuitively, they tend to stereotype Japanese culture by how it appears in their favorite anime, which can be safely assumed to be offensive to the Japanese.
If you love and respect Japanese culture and your own, you are not a weeaboo.
Merely liking anime or wanting to learn Japanese does not make you a weeaboo.

So as long as you don't shun your culture then I guess you are fine. But I gotta say that as someone who can speak Japanese and loves their culture but isn't that into anime it hurts me inside when I hear people saying things they've heard in anime that you can just tell they have no idea what it mean

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I identify as a wehraboo.


You’re fine as long as you don’t fantasise Catgirls.



But nah yeah if given the choice, I’d purge the populace of:


Anti Vaxxers

Flat Earthers




(P.S, Individual Americans are fine, but as a people, y’all are stupid).

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It’s hard to see the Line between a Weaboo (Abbreviation: Weeb) and someone who just watches anime for the Shits and Giggles as with time the Online Community and perception of the Anime Community has shifted with time. However here’s my Two Cents;


Weeb itself is a Derogatory Slang for (a) Japanophile. Japanophilia itself (according to Wikipedia) is the Appreciation and Love of Japanese Culture, People and History to an extreme extent. However the “Extreme Extent” itself is quite blurred as is with my Philias however it’s accepted as to the point where it interferes with one’s own culture with themselves defaming or holding a sense of disgust to the Culture that they themselves are born with and instead praising the Japanese Culture as if they were originally birthed into that Culture. However if that’s the Official Definition of Weeb/Weeaboo many (Including OP) would be exempt from being called a Weeb as they still retain love for their own culture and do not wish to substitute their own culture with one of a foreign nature (In this case Japan) 


See how the definition of such a term is so complex


It’s not easy to pinpoint the definition to a singular meaning or a Certain Amount of something - There isn’t a form of measurement to say “Oh Steve, you watched 2 Anime’s in your life?... No problem bud, But John you watched 3 Anime’s… FUCKING WEEB!” and with many communities (Not all) it’s hard to pinpoint whether it’s Good or Bad - It’s all up to the perspective of the person who judges, One person may call the Weeb Community Good while another may disdain it.


In the end however, it’s all up to the person who is judging he/she may think that a weeb is anyone who watches anime or that Weeb’s are disgusting and really it’s up to them. 



( I was playing checkers with Joel and wrote this as a joke )


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People automatically hate "weebs" until they watch/read their first anime/manga/visual novel. It's something you have to experience and have exposure to before properly judging.

I was very much the same until I watched my first (and unfortunately only) anime series, The Rising of the Shield Hero, back in early-mid 2019. I found the show to be very enjoyable, approachable and artistic and I can't wait for the second season that is coming out in 2021.
I've read through DDLC (meme about it idc) and Katawa Shoujo and I found both visual novels to very emotionally fulfilling and remarkable works of art.
Studio Ghibli and Makoto Shinkai films always reduce me to sad and happy tears and they are masterpieces in art and storytelling. They are much more engaging and emotional than most other Western films I've watched.
A Silent Voice, while not a Ghibli or Shinkai film, is the only film to make me literally hyperventilate due to stressing over a fictional character.

I have a whole list of films and shows I'd like to watch, but I haven't been in the mindset to watch anime ever since the second uni semester of 2019, which was when a lot of things started going downhill in terms of my physical health. As I'm starting to improve myself physically and mentally and change my priorities, I do look forward to watching anime again.

Anime has enabled this sort of discussion for me as it somewhat gives me a marker of how I'm going in my life. I discovered and let anime (and subsequently Porter Robinson, my idol) into my life when I needed it and it allows me to grasp at something when I've got nothing else to compare myself to. It's hard to explain in any sort of meaningful or understandable way, but it's a medium that has definitely shaped me over the last two years, even despite my lack of exposure to it.

While I don't have any anime art on my Steam profile, I've made sure to include a quote from the Shinkai film, Five Centimeters per Second.
“He’s always looking past me, at something far off in the distance. And he’ll never look at me. Not ever.”
It is a quote that has much deeper subtext than one might initially suspect, and in the context of the film, it is profoundly sad. I couldn't even begin to explain why this quote personally relates to me on a deeply emotional level.

Anime is a medium of entertainment, but I've more so found it to be a way to express, feel and control emotions, something I often struggle to relate to with Western media and in life in general. As well as its emotional aspect, anime is a craft that produces works of arts. Jaw-dropping scenery, beautiful characters you can place yourself in and a world that is engaging.
Everyone has their preferences in consuming media, and to some, an effective medium is anime. Liking anime doesn't automatically make you a "weeb". You may like anime not because you are obsessed with Japanese culture but because you find it profoundly emotional and artistic, like I do. It's why some people like reading books over watching movies, as its more effective in conveying a message and feelings.
You can't judge a book, or any sort of medium, by its cover. Read it. Only then you can judge.



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