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Rotation Recap (Operation: Third Lambda) [23.9 - 24.9]


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Operation: Third Lambda

After receiving communications from the old CIS Garrison which was destroyed during the last Rishi Rotation. Members of the CIS 'Wild Space Remnants' land on Rishi Moon, hell-bent on claiming the moon and it's Imperial encampments as its own. Lead apparently by the once thought to be dead leader, the droids attack with constant aggression only seen in the coldest of assassin droids. With reports being hailed into the ISD Chimaera on the impending attack on Rishi Moon, the troopers of the 7th Fleet are deployed to serve and defend their favorite rotation map.


The Imperial Security Bureau and Imperial Intelligence discover a sent recording from a long-dead scouting party on the outskirts of Rishi Moon Base.

The ISB in confidence with Imperial High Command believe that the moon of Rishi is in danger and under massive threat. Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin organises a military campaign on the Rishi Moon in order to rid the moon of the CIS threat.

Day 1 (23/9/2020)

Forces of the ISD Chimaera are deployed onto Rishi mean on dropships. Imperial dropships were instructed to land outside of Rishi Moon Base due to the apparent CIS take-over of the, what used to be, Imperial controlled military base. The army are tasked to clear out the base and eliminate all CIS threats within in order to reclaim the military base for Imperial occupation and operations.

After successfully taking back the Imperial base, the personnel of the ISD Chimaera are met with deadly infiltration forces of the Separatist Alliance, the BX-Commando Droids. Multiple Commando Droids infiltrate the Rishi Moon Base and disable many of its defenses by means of stealth, infiltration, disguises, sabotage, and assassinations.

These sabotages were not due to no reason, however. Shortly after the many sabotages of the base's defenses, a full frontal assault occurred on the base. The frontal assault was performed by the CIS remnant's droid army. Countless of B1 and B2 battledroids march in harmony towards the walls of Rishi Moon Base, accompanied by Multi-Troop Transports and hundreds of Vulture Droids.

The Imperial forces successfully defend the base from the massive and damaging assault, the droid commander taunts them, calling out their pyrrhic victory. The victory was not all that pyrrhic, however. The Imperial Security Bureau with help from the 501st Legion's Storm Commandos managed to retrieve a head of one of the CIS remnant's Commando Droids. After carefully analysis and decryption, ISB analysts manage to locate and download footage from the droid's databank.

The ISB's discovery opens up a shocking reveal; the Separatist forces on Rishi are commanded by an ST-series Super Tactical Droid. Technology of the Separatist Alliance during the Clone Wars, incredibly smart, incredibly efficient, and incredibly deadly. With this new-found knowledge, ISB agents rush to warn Imperial High Command and advise further course of action in dealing with this enemy.


Day 2 (24/9/2020)

Having gathered intelligence that the droid forces are led by a Super Tactical Droid by the name of General Tortera, Army High Command began orchestrating a plan of attack against the main Separatist Command Fortress. They understood that defeating a Super Tactical Droid using conventional tactics would prove futile, they needed something more, something unorthodoxed.

Grand Admiral Thrawn orchestrated an ingenious plan of using troop movements and false battlefield information to outsmart the Super Tactical Droid. The army were instructed to begin assaulting the base via the front entrance with full force in hopes of diverting all droid defenses to their location, afterwards the main group are ordered to split off into many different groups each with their own tasks. This sudden change of strategy prevented the droids from reacting fast enough and readapting fast enough. Unfortunately, however, despite having breached the exterior walls of the massive fortress, Droid General Tortera was quick enough to counter the army already in his fortress. The droid general ordered MTTs and Droid Bombers to deploy and wipe out the intruders, and many Imperial soldiers lost their lives. 

After countless of fruitless attempts, the Imperial forces finally manage to break into their defenses and infiltrate into the main compound itself. They made their way into an underground section of the facility which almost looked like a spiraling labyrinth with no sense of direction. The army moved through the underground tunnels and hallways rapidly, killing off any droid in their way.

After fighting through the long winding maze of corridors, they finally reach the facility's command sector, blocked off by a rayshield. They spot multiple B2s and B1 battledroids behind the rayshield, all standing in formation. From amidst the crowd of identical and generic Baktoid-series battledroids, a tall, dark-plated figure walks out. That figure was none other than General Tortera, commander of the droid forces on Rishi.

Darth Vader approached the general, bright red rayshield separating them from each other. Vader gave the general two choices, either he can deactivate his forces and surrender, or he will personally have this underground area destroyed by explosives to cause a cave-in. The general countered and asked why he would surrender to the Empire and leave his Separatist Allegiance. He also exclaims that the Imperial forces, including Vader himself, have walked right into a trap that the general has calculated.

Genereal Tortega's programming made him loyal to the Confederacy of Independent Systems and against the Republic. The CIS and the Republic have merged into the Galactic Empire. The Rebel Alliance, enemy to the Empire, are attempting to reinstate the Republic. The general stated he accepted that logic and willingly deactivated his forces as well as surrender himself to the Empire.


Taken back to Rishi Moon Base, Vader assigns Admiral Garrick Versio to supervise the droid general and escort him onto the ISD Chimaera. Now under the supervision of the admiral, Admiral Versio plans to introduce their new guest to Grand Moff Tarkin for an interesting proposal.


The story is not over yet.
This rotation was very fun to run and the event team had a lot of fun during rotation, and we hope that you did as well.

- Event Master Team -

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great events, good pacing and a mix for army and non army alike (i think i don't know what any non army did) 

some highlights were (from my POV)

  • A Jedi getting trapped in the ray shields of the brig 
  • The entire of the attack force storming the base at the end 
  • the 6+ times everyone dragged their asses to the reactor room
  • the 3+ times shock tried to duel a Droid with a knife and got fucking curbed 

    good stuff event masters, keep up the great work it's incredible how interesting this stuff can get 
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15 hours ago, Delta said:

A Jedi getting trapped in the ray shields of the

I tried to recreate a scene from a certain movie but it didn't really work...

15 hours ago, Delta said:

the 3+ times shock tried to duel a Droid with a knife and got fucking curbed 

I literally massacred shock and anyone else standing in my way. I also managed to clip it.

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