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Two Years On IG


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Well, some of you might not know but this coming Sunday is going to be my second year playing Ig which is astounding playing on a Gmod Star wars Rp server for two years It's just weird to think that I spent this long on a Gmod server but, none the less the server has changed a lot from the past two years and the amount of people I've meet and became friends with. I didn't think I would stay long after the big split but here I am a JEM providing role play to a server I come to know and love greatly. 

Memoires I've made!

Imperial Boxing Match 

Nice War crimes

I don't even know what's going on 

Yes Messing with Tinky


Thiccc Boy 

1C69AFA2AB65441A091FE1F97ADEC0136E76E148 (2560×1080)

Old times in ARC 

F9B36484C97A2063BDC1C25AA1951F0639DC42F5 (1920×1080)

Getting Number 1!

312EF306DA2ACE528BD9FCD92E23BC3A55DDEBAA (3440×1440)

Human Tower

0B444C2EFA1BBD4DF13BDF4FBEDBF980DAD3C8D8 (3440×1440)

Not a lie <3

91CBEB815533D4745C0C57813C192DB1C0E9A38F (1920×1080)


E2925613308F15EF44DE499E1CFF63A0BCCE48FA (2560×1080)

That's all I have sense I got a new Pc most of my old recordings are gone I'll try and get them back but I hope you enjoyed!

Beating the IG MC Server in a Day (Sorry)(I'm the Steve) 



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Wow 2 years is impressive man 

So awesome to see you have all these saved clips and screenshots. Hope you keep having an awesome time in the future and you've enjoyed everything that you have been a part of.



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I pressed enter to early ;-;
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