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Relish Event Master Application


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Hey, Relish I see where your coming from wanting you want to know what to improve on. @SiegeMonkey has a good one right below,

2 hours ago, SiegeMonkey said:


Sorry but until you improve your attitude and behavior on the server, there's no way I can give you support in your application. You've caused way too many arguments and are constantly minging on the server. Start roleplaying correctly and quit causing issues and perhaps I will change my mind but for now, it's a -1 from me.

take a quick min to read his thread and think on how YOU can improve what he has mentioned. 

Another thread that you should read over and think about is @KevinM's

5 hours ago, KevinM said:

Look, even if you put a lot of detail in this app which there isn't really any of. You have yet to demonstrate any maturity the time I've seen you on the server. You show no restraint in crude situations and due to that it becomes a bigger problem then it could've been. As a staff, you are not only required to be mature at all times but also to have a good reputation with the people of IG, in which I'm afraid you don't. 
BUT, if you show growth of maturity in all categories on the server and begin slowly gaining a good reputation with IG I may consider a +1. This is not something that happens over night but I'll be keeping a close eye :).

Also have a look at this and take a quick min to think on what to approve on.


Now for me. Something that you need to work on is listening to the event master and think before you do something for example when your a event character you tend to do things on your own without the Em's permission like when I said don't surrender in on of my INQ event's and you just go on ahead and do it any ways its very annoying. Another thing to improve on is your Roleplay stay in character I know its hard too but try your best to keep in IC or stay IC don't say "OOC" then say what you want to say cause it just stupid in my opinion also, try and not to get into petty arguments that are in ooc if someone says something that you disagree with then its fine to say but if it turns into a argument then take it to pm's so everyone on the server seen you and so and so go back n forth. That's all I really have to say but, your already "Known" on the server not in a good way so if you could change how you act and play and show everyone that your able to change then maybe you'll have a chance but untill then Im going to leave a 


I know your able to change your ways but until then I'm going to stay Neutral I believe in you GL! MY DUDE!

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Hi Relish,

I’m closing this application due to a severe lack of detail and effort. You’re welcome to reapply in two weeks. Have a look at other accepted applications for an idea of what to include. 

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