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TheKeeper PAC3 Application


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  • Steam Name:
  • SteamID32:
  • Steam Profile Link:
  • In Game Name:
    S. Fenton
  • Time Played Imperial RP:
    4d 09hrs
  • Time Played Imperial RP Evidence
  • Have you used PAC3 Before?
  • Why should you be trusted with PAC3?
    I have been playing on Imperial Gaming for a few weeks accumulating 4 days worth of play time. I have no reason to be mingeworthy or abuse Pac3 inside or outside of RP.
  • Why do you want access to PAC3?
    I only wish to have access to Pac3 to be allowed to have a bodygroup which is currently unavailable for the Female ISB operative model. In ISB, when On-duty you are required to have armour and armour ranks but it isn't available for female PMs so I wish to have Pac3 to have access to the bodygroup.
  • Why do you believe you deserve PAC3?
  • I believe I deserve Pac3 as I have done nothing to prove that I don't. I have been well-versed in roleplay and have been dedicated to the server. I have been focused on the Security regiments of the server to assist staff in detaining people who are minging or have NITRP. While I have no great reason to deserve Pac3, I have no reason not to deserve it.
  • PAC3 Example 1:
  • PAC3 Example 2:
  • PAC3 Example 3:
  • PAC3 Example 4:
  • PAC3 Example 5:
  • Terms & Conditions
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Hi Sofia!

Unfortunately you need 1 weeks game time to apply for Pac. Not only do you not have the required game time, the pac’s themself are really simple.

id recommend indulging yourself more in the community, getting the required amount of time & working on some more unique, diverse pac’s.

due to this I’ll be leaving a -1


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Hi Sophia??? I have no idea who you are but I recommend before reapplying due to you not reaching the minimum playtime threshold. Watch some pac tutorials, experiment with making some models art arch to bones and creating something unique to your character. Good luck with your future application.

Application does not meet requirements

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I barely respond to these, but hey.

As stated by previous commenters, you do not reach the minimum playtime required for applying for PAC3.
From what I can tell, is that the PAC3 example is just a playermodel bone merged, with two body groups attached.

- Applicant does not meet the required playtime for PAC3.
- Application has little effort put into it and only has a single example.
- the one PAC3 Example you have is beyond basic and does not show or convey your skills or knowledge with PAC3.

As Ubermolen has suggested in the comment above, you require the minimum playtime which can be found in in the PAC3 Hub here.
I personally suggest that during and after the time you take to reach the minimum playtime, you try to gain an understanding of PAC3 by going through tutorials and best utilise your skills in the examples you will provide, the PAC3's you will show should be your own.

If and when you make a new PAC3 Application, be sure to put a bit more detail into it as well as meet other expectations as listed above.

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Hey Keeper after reading your application I'm obviously going to have to give it a -1

But, I see that you are only applying because of the lack of bodygroups on the ISB female model that are needed apparently. To fix this I'd suggest contacting someone within the development team or even Bailey to get this Bodygroup problem fixed as from my experience in attempting to make models it is not something that would be difficult to do and the fact that it is required is something that I would talk to your commander about.


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@SiegeMonkey @Lucky

This user does not meet the required guidelines to apply for PAC3.

Sorry to say Sofia, but this application will most likely be denied. Do not be discouraged as you will be able to apply again. During that time ensure to broaden your knowledge within the PAC3 Editor and potentially get more well known around the community and get your playtime to 1 Week (Minimum).

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