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Finally Updating the Forums Theme

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Hello Imperial Gaming,

So recently many of you would've noticed that the forums have been a bit scuffed due to the Invisionzone update going from 4.4 to 4.5 and originally we wanted to go to the 4TECH Dark Theme, however, after playing around with it and fixing it up heaps with the help of @Auzii and @Splonter (thanks by the way). However, what happened is that we needed an update from the author of the theme to fix some problems we were experiencing (such as a really scuffed phone version) and after contacting the original author he said "No." and I was kind of stumped on what to do.

Over the next few nights and after a bit of searching I found a small indie company called IPSFocus who have been making themes for websites since 2006, so I contacted them and we settled on the Villian theme (this one if you didn't notice the change, somehow). I gave them $30 USD out of pocket because I wanted it at the time and I'm too impatient to wait for Cecil to get home and buy it for me like a Son waiting for his Father to buy him V-Bucks. 

Staff have had two days to play with it prior to its release and I've not heard much dislike for it, and I've not heard many bugs for it either (the one's I have heard of have been fixed) except for notification sounds repeating which I've been unable to re-produce on my version, if this happens to you, feel free to go into your notification settings and turning sounds off.

A big perk of this theme is the customisation that comes with it, at the top of your page you will see the "Customizer" which allows for you to make changes to the page on your end, such as some backgrounds to choose from or sticky headers, and even fluid width for those of you with GIGA BOY MONITORS. Below is an example of the customisation screen with 10 pre-picked backgrounds to choose from. I am currently working on allowing people to upload their own and/or adding some more pre-determined ones.



The theme is still in Beta.
I put that in big red text so people don't miss it, if you find any bugs or anything of the sort, be sure to contact me so I can try and get them fixed up. The new theme has taken a lot of hours to get up and running and now that it's here I don't want bugs ruining it. It is going to be a big change from the old forums, so I hope you're all able to get used to it decently quickly because its probably the theme we'll stick with for the forseeable future.

Also, the graphic design team are working on new banners / icons for groups so they're all the same as each other and new ranks/roles can get their own banners since our old designer decided that he didn't want to give us the photoshop file so we could make new ones when need be.

Thanks for being patient with the scuffed forums.

Kind regards,

- Bailey

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4 hours ago, Kamelieon said:

Literally this is horrid

Willing to take suggestions if anyone can find one that looks nice, prior to this it was a broken mess and the old theme wasn’t being updated by its creator.

If we could’ve stayed the same I would’ve.

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1 hour ago, cornelius said:
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this right here is why this theme is garb
i do not know what comment im looking at and who it belongs to

I’m confused, you’ve sent a photo of my comment which is quite obviously my comment since my name and icon are on the left.

How are you unable to tell who that belongs to?

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23 minutes ago, Bailey said:

I’m confused, you’ve sent a photo of my comment which is quite obviously my comment since my name and icon are on the left.

How are you unable to tell who that belongs to?

obviously i know who is who but the theme is way too compact which is the point i was making

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Seems like a more retro take on MyBB, dosent seem all that bad and a good change every now and again is good to have. I think people would miss the old layout and the classic sleek design.

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