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PAX ONLINE - Thought you'd like to know

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As we all know and have experienced these tragedies, COVID-19 has made society very restricted such as events being cancelled, postponed, and the good ones who still want to provide - going online. PAX is one of the events that moved online and as it is a gaming convention and we are gamers, I thought I'd inform those who weren't notified or don't know about it. For those who don't know what PAX is: PAX is a collection of gaming culture conventions with each event occuring once a year and Australia blessed to have one which is held in Melbourne. 


PAX West and PAX Aus have merged and moved online this year expanding into a 9 day event with an agenda full of panels, tournaments, and other events streamed via Twitch. The 9 day event started on Sunday 1AM AEST, 13 September and will end on Monday 1PM AEST,  21 September, so you have plenty of time to tune in before it ends. Oh, it's also completely FREE! So if you've never been to PAX then I guess you can say you've attended ;) 

Here you can find the PAX Online stream schedule which is full of panels, game discussions, playthroughs (digital & non-digital games) etc. I've never been a panel attending person so I am not sure about any major panels happening, but feel free to checkout the schedule if that's your thing! The channels are PAXPAX2, and PAX3.

You couldn't call it a gaming convention without some competitive matches so tune into the PAX Arena to watch some great players go up against each other. But if you're not into observation and would rather play, lucky you, PAX only gets better as they have filled their tournament schedule which are open for anyone to sign up for - some of the games included are: Minecraft, Valorant, Rainbow Six, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, and Rocket League. You can also play in community gaming sessions found amongst the tournaments here.

If you miss the show floor experience, regain immersion with the digital show floor and if you want to try out games as you would on the day you can get demos and game discounts here. There are some really good exhibitors this year so I suggest checking it out, the merch is really great to. Speaking of merch, if you are a PAX Badge (the pass that acts as a ticket which attatches at the end of a lanyard) collector, they are selling them as merch this year - which I invested in :D 

I think I've covered the main things but you can find more information at their website here! Oh and you can also keep a look out for the various give aways running.


Because we are a Star Wars Community, here is the list of Star Wars related events:
Design a Dark Lord of the Sith with Star Wars: Legion
Jump into Star Wars: X-Wing Miniatures
Designing Star Wars: X-Wing Miniatures
A Long Time Ago: A History of Star Wars Games


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This is allowed, we all play games here, don't worry my son.

I've been to Pax Oz twice now, they never fail to impress, hopefully they can pull it off online.

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