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Some youtube videos I made for my media team app.....


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Here is some videos I made for my Media team application. I would like to know what I should work on in my editing because my editing software is dog Sh*t so either upvote to tell me its fine or down vote and tell me a better editing software and tell me what to add. 

And please tell me a free editing software that is good thank you. Now I hope you enjoy the videos I made a bit ago.

btw making more soon.

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I'd like to state and make it clear, I believe the inquisitors claimed victory over the temple raid:fiesta_parrot:... and whoever the moredoor guy was he is like soooo cool :doge:

but nah goodjob Josh, still things to approve on but overall a nice watch :kkona:

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Here's an unhealthy tip for you. 

Stay up till 3 AM to record re-enactments of scenes from Star Wars. Really good practice.

Exhibit A: 




Other than that, these look alright, albeit very minimal. 
I use the Movavi Video Editor for most things I make. I got it ages ago so I don't know whether or not it's free, or whether or not I decided to deviously pirate it. 

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