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In my opinion, wellbeing is the most important aspect of life. Everyone deserves to be happy, comfortable, and healthy, but not many people get this. In our ever-growing society, mental issues have become one of the biggest problems we face, it shouldn't be this way but life can be hard, and it does come down on people sometimes. However, it is crucial to remember that there is always light at the end of the tunnel, no matter how long it takes, we'll get there.

Living life to the fullest is key factor to staying positive, doing as much as you can and making the most of what you've got. Take every opportunity in life, because it'll be worth it, one of the greatest quotes I've had inserted in my life is "try everything" and although I may still struggle, I'm getting there. You don't have to go across the world to have a great time, adventure locally, go down to the skatepark with friends! Make a list of things to do, if you want to visit a country like me, don't sit there sad about it till it comes, fill in the blank space on that list, try to fit as much in your schedule as you can - but ensure you don't tire yourself out.

I mean, look at us introverts - in a community like ours, where games can become an addiction especially our second home of Imperial Gaming. Although this is our hobby and we enjoy playing games, don't fill your life with it, the real world is better than the virtual one. Last year, I was a true introvert, all I did was play games... but then I had an opportunity thrown at me and it was to go to the USA for 20 days, and I took the oppurtunity. That short 20 day trip really changed me, I went from a full-time introvert to a part-time, I realised what's important to me in life, where and who I want to be.

Anyhow, what I'm saying is to live life to your fullest, I want everyone to stay positive and be happy, because I am. I may have my bad days but everyday I wake up and I am happy, I look forward to what I may experience in my day, I look forward to seeing those I love, and I look forward to the opportunties life throws at me. Anyhow, let me just move on... I'm saying this because today was R U OK? Day, a day which focuses on the wellbeing of all people and influences us to help others.

ruok banner

On R U OK? Day we also need to look beyond ourselves and remember that many other people may be going through something. Although R U OK? Day is coming to an end, it is a yearly reminder that everyday is a good day to ask people if they are ok, we need to checkup on those around us, because as aforementioned - happiness is key. As this year's theme states "There's more to say after R U OK?" it's about having a conversation with the person, really checking in and trying to assisting them.

Join R U OK?Day | R U OK?

2020 has been a challenging year and it’s important that we are here to support one another by reaching out and showing we’re there to help now and for as long as it takes. Learn more about what to say next at www.ruok.org.au/join-r-u-ok-day so you could have a conversation that could change, or even save, a life.  

(This was the hardest thing I ever wrote, had to rewrite shit 100 times - sorry if some parts sound bad or cringe :()

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