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Titan Base Rotation (9.9.20 - 10.9.20)


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Operation Skull Dive

Sub-Fleet 1 of the 7th Fleet will be dispatched on an operation at Ryloth to deal with issues arisen by the local rabble. 


Cham Syndulla, leader of the insurgent-terrorists on Ryloth has orchestrated multiple detrimental operations against innocent Imperial facilities.
This group of insurgents have attacked Imperial personnel, destroyed Imperial property, and disrupted Imperial trade from the system.
They have assaulted convoys, destroyed centers of operations, and murdered countless of innocent patriots.
They have been allowed to flourish by shameless Imperial officers looking to make a quick credit by looking the other way.

Sub-Fleet 1 will be tasked to reinforce Imperial rule on Ryloth and remind its denizens of who is in power.
Remind the locales who provides them with food, shelter, and protection from the dangers of the galaxy. 

The Imperial Security Bureau has determined that there will be a major terrorist-operation led by
these rebels on Ryloth some time next rotation, on the ninth and on the tenth. 

[09/09 - 10/09]

Sub-Fleet 1's operations will require all sorts of specialisation and combat skills,
ranging from infiltration to starfighters, from demolitions to armoured tanks. 


Our plan is to use the first day to setup our base of operations, acquaint ourselves with the surroundings and the locales of a nearby village.
Supplies will be delivered and convoys will be sent through the area to deliver them. The army will be used to guard and secure all these convoys in order to ensure their safety.

On the second day, we plan to begin our military aggression campaign against the Free Ryloth group and assault their operating bases and outposts.
We expect a large attack to happen from the opposing force on Titan base during this day. They will attack, and we will be prepared. 


Further information and on-field reassignment will be given by your respective commanding generals on-base.

Moff Delian Mors has entrusted Sub-Fleet 1 in dealing with these issues, and we will deliver to her a swift victory against our opponents. 


For further information please contact a senior event master, or above, in the event master team.

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