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Parcy's (Revised) Event Master Application


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  • Steam Name:
    [IG] Parcy
  • SteamID32:
  • Steam Profile Link:
  • In Game Name:
  • Time Played Imperial RP:
    7 weeks 5 days 22 hours
  • Time Played Imperial RP Evidence:
  • Have you had any warns (If so state them)?
    2: Dc to avoid arrest (was aosed for 45 minutes left to do something else), Putting "inappropriate content in ooc"
  • Have you had any bans (If so state them)?
  • Have you been staff on any other servers or communities (If so state them)?
    Event Master on the best server known as Imperial Gaming
  • Why are you applying to be an Event Master?
    I wish to contribute more to the Imperial Gaming community by creating inclusive, immersive and interesting events. Previously as an Event Master, I enjoyed the process of creating and running events. (As stated in my previous application) I enjoy being able to bring rp to less rp heavy regiments (currently army is having an issue with this and I would be glad to give a focus to them RP wise in my events). Due to full time work I'm not on as early as I used to be able to be, but I am still generally on before peak times. Creating small events for players on at these off peak times is another reason i wish to be an event master.
  • What do you believe you can bring to the Event Master team?
    I am very active, 3 hours + a day. Having been an EM previously as well as having been in the community for a little over 2 years now, I believe I have a good understanding of what people find enjoyable in events. I personally prefer to host smaller, more specified events (i.e https://docs.google.com/document/d/14QcxzIIaxeDcTi0eq1_fe7_-MAKQqbJMi1TJIqBfHT0 ) rather than large generic events ( Big McBaddies are here go shoot them till die, repeat 4-5 times) Yes, those style of events have their place and are enjoyable, but I personally do not enjoy running them (although they are fun to blast through ECs and flex on Inquisitors because I kill more jedi then them). I am not the greatest RPer but I am able to when required (I have been in heavy RP regiments such as ISB, Compforce, etc.)
  • What do you believe you can do to make Events more fun, enjoyable and inclusive?
    As stated, I enjoy creating small, more specified events. These may be small things such as simply adding things to regiments just to add a little bit of fun to generic duties on the ISD. I do plan on creating larger, complicated, multi-event campaigns that will involve all regiments, as I believe when done well, this is what can distinguish a great server from a decent one. Also, focusing small parts of events around specific regiments' skill sets is how I would make my events more inclusive. (i.e Sky troopers jet-packs, shadow's cloaks, etc.)
  • Do you have basic knowledge of ULX commands?
  • Anything else you would like to add?
    ( Other event used from previous application https://docs.google.com/document/d/1gG47jsdExF7sgKraE5O1dInyR8tLxNSR8WmlhngpYW0 )
    (also apologies for the short responses, its difficult to write a new application without copying my old one as I have the same answers and feelings as my last application)
  • Event Idea 1:
  • Event Idea 2:
  • Terms & Conditions
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  • Parcy changed the title to Parcy's (Revised) Event Master Application

+1 He's pretty active, he has experience of being an EM. He also revised and re-done this app which shows dedication. I feel like he could bring his own unique ideas to the team and make the server more enjoyable then it already is, sooooo ez +1.

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While your previous application was exactly the same as the one you made quite a while ago which was accepted (which is why I didn't comment on your original application) I am happy to give this application a +1. You clearly have a strong desire to actually create enjoyable events on the server. While some might argue that your example events could use more detail, they (in my eyes) sufficiently capture the rundown for the event and give room for players to impose their own RP. You have previous experience as an EM and have helped create a great atmosphere within Inquisitorious. 

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16 hours ago, KevinM said:

+1 He's pretty active, he has experience of being an EM. He also revised and re-done this app which shows dedication. I feel like he could bring his own unique ideas to the team and make the server more enjoyable then it already is, sooooo ez +1.


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23 hours ago, Mauler said:

Can never have too many EMs. Parcy is Active, enthused and mature... I guess? I don't really know tbh, he's just paying handsomely for +1s.


So uh... +1?


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Moderately detailed event idea's and application. The fact that you've previously been an event master shows that you have experience and would likely know what you are doing. Otherwise, I don't really know you and can't speak for personality traits or behaviours. I'll support you in your app.



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Hey Parcy, thank you for applying to be an Imperial Event Master!
Unfortunately, your application has been denied as you have seemingly left the community.
You are welcome to reapply in two weeks. Please contact me on the forums if you have any questions regarding this decision.

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