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Kippy Moderator Application


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They aren't required to give an explanation, they are giving their opinion none the less. Nor should you really be asking because this isn't your application. If kippy wants to know he could private m

Steam Name: Kippy SteamID32: STEAM_0:0:229746912 Steam Profile Link: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198419759552/ In Game Name: Kippy Time Played Imperia

Thank you for the Response and I Understand you are someone in TS who speaks to me more often outside and Inside of the Community but my RP Has Not Degraded what so ever but instead I have Become more

From what I have heard from various users about Kippy in the past, it would have lead me to believe that he wouldnt be a good fit for staff. However, his actions, attitude and demeanor both in game and out of it show to me that he is a dedicated, kind and mature player, one that you don't occasionally come across in a GarrysMod server.

 I dont know why this application has been up for so long but a massive +1 from me.

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As I'm still familiarising myself with the new community, since i took a break a while ago, it has been a good time for me to see some of the newer members that I am unfamiliar with in their current state. I have seen Kippy around but have never really particularly experienced RP with him. But what I have heard from others is where it counts. On numerous occasions kippy's name has come up (from reputable members) as someone who puts time into the server and dedicates themselves to the regiment they are in at that time, I assume he would have put that same effort and care into his OOC server roles also. This is the reason I will be giving Kippy a +1 

Good luck Kippy

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