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crofty Twitch Streamer Application

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Steam & In Game Details

Steam Name: crofty

Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:185472499 32, 76561198331210727 64.

Steam Profile linkhttps://steamcommunity.com/id/croftym8/

In Game Name: 「NX-04」 crofty

In Game Rank: Leading Spacecraftsman (Corporal equivalent)

In Game Regiment: ISC

Time Played (Server Time/Screenshot evidence): 1w 3d 


Applicants History

Have you had any warns (If so state them): no

Have you had any bans (If so state them): no


Twitch Details

Channel Name: crofty___ (3 underscores)

Channel Link: twitch.tv/crofty___

Follower Count?: 120

Average Views per stream: 3-4



What Games do you stream?: mainly games in the Tony Hawk series, i'm a world record holder speedrunner.

What is your streaming schedule like? (please provide a detailed answer with how many days a week, stream duration...etc): I only stream when i speedrun, so i would either stream 5-7 days a week or almost not at all. If I do stream Garry's Mod, i would stream whenever I can, which would mostly be every night for an hour at least.

Why do you want to be a recognised streamer in the community?: I want to be a recognised streamer because I love streaming and making content. I would want to involve as many people as possible (Players and Viewers). I am affiliate, so I can add emotes to my streams for subscribers so they can interact in more ways. Being a recognised streamer would be helpful as i will be able to promote the server, showcase good content and encourage others to come play

What will you streaming do to benefit the community?: 100% of my followers to my knowledge do not know about the existence of the server. Streaming on the server will allow my viewers and anyone else looking in the Garry's Mod streams to see my stream and notice the community, allowing for the server to be recognised more and draw more players in. I would have my chat up 100% of the time and responding to it, so I would be involving the viewers in the game. I would be as actively involved in current RP, whether it would be performing my role as ISC or portraying an Event Character to make my content as enjoyable and as entertaining as possible.

If I were to stream, one thing I would do for the server is compile a bunch of entertaining clips where I would make a compilation of entertaining moments from my streams and post it on YouTube, showcasing good moments on the server and possibly bringing more outsiders in.


Thank you for reading.

Edit: did a test stream for the second half of the campaign and the Navy competition, capped at 6 viewers and held minimum 4 for a while.


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Extremely aggresive and offensive to people on the server.

Good application and with detail and examples.

Side Note-

Heavy aggresion has been shown from you and as someone showcasing the server can't have that ( you can always change my mind by improving of course )

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