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Josh's Media Team Application

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Steam Name:

[IG] BoBo



Steam Profile Link:


In Game Name:

 Chief Warrant Officer 「NX-02」 Josh

Time Played (Evidence Required):


Have you had any warns (If so state them)?:


Have you had any bans (If so state them)?:


Why do you want to join the Media Team?


The reason why I want to join the media team, Is to benefit the server by promoting the server and show off my capability of filming and gathering clips, Then editing and publishing the video to YouTube. I will be a great asset to the team such as being active on the server and always here to help and learn and teach. I would love to help the server in these virus times, Such as my creativity to create ideas to benefit the server. I also have experience of editing and making montages but have no evidence because, (Cough Fortnite montages.) I deleted it because it's Fortnite but yeah I have experience of making videos. 


What asset in the media team do you wish to prioritise (FIlmer, Editor, Set Designer etc)?:

I believe I will be a great asset to the team such as filming, Editing (Not the best at editing but always room to learn.) And interviews. The reason why I think I will be good at filming, Is the filming software I use, The camera angles, Filming quality and the skill of gathering clips at the right time.


Do you have any evidence of your work?:

I gathered some clips and made a video of funny moments on IG.

Do you intend to utilise the Imperial Press Corps role on the server? If so, what do you plan on doing as the role?:

I would be effective at creative videos such as to advertise the server in good ways such as The amount of RP and the fun and comedy on the server all gathered by my video software. I would offer people to help them with a regimental trailers and interviewing people daily. I would gather funny moments on the server and edit and promote the server out of it. I would film intense battles such as inquisitor dueling, Bomb Defusal and Tie fighter dogfights. Overall I think I will fit great in the media team and hyped to see how it would work if I got in.

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ye know what. +1
i know my boi josh and i have seen some of the great stuff he takes

Recently me relish & josh have been trying to re create some of the scenes from Star Wars 3 ( Revenge Of The Sith ) and he takes it extremely serious and is most likely editing the video right now so even bigger +1
someone that is still willing to do stuff like this is really awesome for the server and i believe he would make a great fit for the media team

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Here is some more videos I made.

1. I made a video in soft RP with me and relish fighting each other pretending we were palpy and Mace Windu

2. ISC Vs Inquisitors. ISC were in some beef with inquisitors because they took Angus I think so we battled. (SIM)

3. Gusky remembrance of Emperor. Some funny clips I found.

4. We were on rishi moon for 3 days straight and some funny moments and awesome events.

5. Naval Inspections now just watch it for yourself no spoilers.





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U P D A T E D     P L A Y T I M E

    3     W E E K S     A N D     5     D A Y S 

     H E R E     I S     A     N E W     V I D E O 



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