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Dev Logs / Community Update

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Hello All!

I hope everyone has had a fantastic week (Excluding Victoria), you guys can stay locked up in your houses :feelsgoodman:. Regardless, stay safe and lets get into the update.

Development Logs - Largely coming from the last community meeting.

Media Team

The media team is being re-introduced and is being headed by @Splonter. The applications will go up as soon as I've posted this post but they include filmers, editors, writers and streamers. Graphic designers will remain apart of the development team but I look forward to seeing what can be created within the team!


  • Offship minimum quantity numbers were halved

  • Pre-caching was removed

  • Rotation schedule was changed to be one week ISD, one week simple rotation schedule (e.g. Two days rotation in the second week). 

  • Rishi moon was added to the rotation pool

  • EC credit reward was upped to 750, and a 1000 point reward was also added


  • Imperial Guard received Blue Cuffs back (Shouldn't be abused but you shouldn't be messing with the emperor anyway). 
  • 5 minute timer put on random weapon spawns so you cannot suicide or be killed quickly to cycle weapons.

  • Fixed Bacta injectors not fixing broken legs

  • Squad shield deploy time changed to 60 seconds and recharge time to 10 minutes.

  • Sith can now block tasers if they have their saber out and are holding block

  • Smart launcher now starts without ammo when equipped, must reload before firing.

  • Force Sense added as a usable ability on the lightsaber

  • Force Drain added as a usable ability on the lightsaber

  • Hunger and thirst system was removed

  • Food vendor now heals you

  • XP bar moved to the left

  • Destroying the gravity generator now notifies staff (don’t minge!)

  • Added a way for management to message a whole regiment at the same time

  • Fixed medical sergeants from being able to be diseased

  • Fixed bugs with advanced duplicator

  • Added ion disruptions to the server

  • Incendiary grenades no longer spawn as a random weapon

  • DT slots reduced to 16

  • Addition weapons added

  • Hideoyoshi's Music Player was added

Thank you @Rook for putting these together.

Community Update and Meeting

As per Wolf's last post, Wolf has made the hard decision to step aside as owner with myself taking on the role. The role of Community Manager as been removed as it didn't serve a function within the management team. Stryker has stepped up into the role of Server Developer.

We are looking to hold another Community Meeting within the next week but a more 1 on 1 style. This meetings were extremely helpful for us as management as we encourage everyone to bring fourth more ideas and concerns this time round.


That's this very long post over. Everyone that read it all, you're all worthy a gold star. Our good friend Stryker will be sorting out these gold stars as apart of his initiation as a red tag, so please don't hesitate to follow up with him.



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@Cecil please say I was apart of the motivation for the Media Team ;) The streamer role being put into the Media Team as well :D 

Gosh I love this, its really back! Lesh go bb

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