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Dr Ludwig's intro

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Shut up, it is the medic from TF2

Age: 30
Name: Idk First name, Last: ludwig
he has a German Accent, Exclusive to his native planet.

Born on the planet of Rhinshland, The planet evolved into an industrial centre of business after a nasty war. 

Ludwig worked as a veterinarian for a few years, got bored and studied Biology and Chemistry.
He won a Competition and managed to impress a Governor and got a pass to go to Coruscant


He studied A LOT of Medical Practises  









And more to come


He’s had 17 years of medical service and experience in these fields, working in hospitals and for money as a mercenary medic.
Ludwig seeks a challenge and the thrill of the heal.    

So that's why he joined medics in the Army. he wanted some fun


He likes birds and is rumoured to make deals with the Devil 

Uh nothing that interesting but I guess he's here 


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