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Make your own Regiment


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32 minutes ago, Neptune said:

I would make a scouting regiment that deals with common criminals and national security that serve directly under the Emperor as a elite special force militia that utilises long range weapons with heavy armour and jetpacks.


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On 8/17/2020 at 8:02 PM, Josh said:

I would love to have a Mandalorian regiment on the server. Where Mandalorians have special tasks to complete by vader. (Bounty Hunter stuff.)

These mandalorians will be loyal to the empire unlike normal bounty hunters and will have mission set for them to complete for vader. 

Weapons EE-3 Rifle,  Jetpack, DE-10, Rangehunter EE-1, R-20 and Dark saber for the CO. A lot of these weapons are not on the server so it would give something for the devs to do if this were added.



Josh we are not having a joestar V2 on the server. NOOOOOOOOOO


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On 8/17/2020 at 12:18 PM, Kamelieon said:

Go off @Delta, the Advisory council is a good idea. But wouldn’t the advisory council take jobs from AHC? The idea is similar to how MHC worked, having supervisors for similar regiments instead of the legions. Having more AHC like roles are good though, Commanders can go to a lower role and not have as much duty.

Basically they'd be like the old crappy IHC Aides, 
Carry out the orders of AHC 

But have less authority than the IHC aides did 

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If you had the choice to make your own regiment what would it be?

My own regiment:

Name: Kappa Clan

Description: The boys are mega epic and are basically epic with a side of epic

slots: 128


Weapons: lightsaber, ihc pistol, force lightning, cloak, 5000 hp boost, automatic grand general rank

the uniform:
ez most popular regiment on the server


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On 8/17/2020 at 2:27 PM, Rivers said:

Still can’t believe Shore got culled for quite possibly the most redundant and boring regiment on the server, EVO. That’s one thing I miss from the server, regiment diversity instead of big blobs of generic regiments. Sure, the old army structure had its flaws such as regiment imbalance but at least it was interesting y’know?


But yeah bring back Shore, was CO of it twice and miss it dearly.

Yes bring back the old EVO regiments

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