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The Death of 'Delta' (The Sky Trooper one)

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Members of the ISD Chimaera military were tasked with heading to an abandoned Space station to investigate the disappearance of a whole crew. The Army Arrived at the station. 5 medics, 1 Scout Trooper Colonel,1 Comp force Militia, 1 Sky trooper Captain and 1 Inquisitor. 

The army each got battle buddies and Delta (The sky trooper) Chose the Inquisitor for obvious reasons. The army moved out and found a room of survivors, they tried using a keycard to open the ray shield but the ray shield blocked them and the door closed hiding the soon to be killed troopers. 

Along the mission we ran into many other strange people who bit the dust to a large creature that was very fast. In the end we were trapped on the bridge and only got out by sheer luck.

Even after a standoff in the station hangar. The alien hitched a ride to the ISD.

It went around the vents, but heard the cluster of Troopers near Lower hangar. Then it appeared…. but the Military was ready! Using his “smarts” Delta Rammed a Forklift into the beast and sent it out the ISD from the lower hangar. But due to an Unlikely miracle, similar to those of India Jones and the Last Crusade. Delta did not fall. 

He did when the Alien came back to Grab up to the lower hangar to pull him down to the frosty planetary landscape. 


The Planet  

Delta’s jet pack, somehow allowed him to splat onto the planet and not be dead. However the Alien Dragged him to a cave. He was lying on the cold ice, watching the alien make noises “Shreech” to little Alien babies. Delta felt bad for the alien and offered to help the Alien.
The Unholy Alliance. 

Man and Alien (Like 4 years after the events)

 What remains of Delta and the Alien crash sight can still be found to this day. But their goal from the planet still remains unclear. Where or what did they do on the planet?


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yo i am sure dr.ludwig can replicate deltas DNA to make him a clone
after all we do have alot of blood samples from delta when we did blood banks



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