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Honestly, its been quite the same. I have always been an introvert, spending hours of my days just on my computer. That kind of changed after I went to the USA in January and experienced going outside every single day for 20 days and then left gaming for a few months when I got back from America, but then quarantine happened, and I was left at home, with a PC. Now I'm back to my usual self, an introvert and a gamer. 

Quarantine was easy for me, but on social media, people couldn't handle it, they were like a drug addict who didn't have drugs, and they weren't even isolating, going out every second day and still talking about quarantine experiences pffttt. I literally stayed at home for the 6 week duration of quarantine, the only time I went out was to put bins on the street or do the laundry, still in the vacinity of my lovely home, and trust me, I don't live on land, I live in a modern area where you barely have a backyard.

Although, I know the affects of the pandemic have hit hard for adults, so that's why I'm still happy. I'm a child who has no concerns due to my parents providing, and having parents unaffected (well kinda) by the job loss through the pandemic. Through the pandemic I have learned to be grateful for more things, especially money, I've never really been grateful and am still learning to be in most areas.

Anyhow, talk about myself a lot. Since a lot of the community are people who are 18+ and are experiencing the real world, being affected by the pandemic, I hope its not going to hard on you, that life will go back to normal soon, and that things do get better.

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ngl with all this BULLSHIT virus flying around i ACTUALLY miss going back to school. Learning DESIGN IN ONLINE CLASSES SUCKS  ARGH and i cant go to work either zz man it really sucks but i can live on for now, well i hope everyone's doing ok ngl no one is doing great but i do hope everyone can live on! this will eventually be over hopefully in by next year :(. - quack

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