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My time in IG RP so far..


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ok so i dont remember exactly when i joined but when i joined my good man sergeant relish trained me had fun! afterwards i decided to join medics!( Relish kidnapped me and forced me to join medics)

Ngl i love the people at medics ( clover will demote me n kill me if i dont say this please send help) so anyways fast forward of learning the ropes of being a medic ( forced training and labor) 

had a few event go down with me as a medic! after i had my first IG community meeting in the server! 20200718181330_1.thumb.jpg.588e08b6feb3b41f15947ababc7a982b.jpg

i really like the devs doing all this work big salutes! <3


I sneaked into someones office and took this screanie not gonna say who hehe



My first time being a EC! i though i was going to be shooting someone but i became a mouse droid HAHA cute stuff20200729130334_1.thumb.jpg.2160ac99b9cdf34fb71844266c7a788a.jpg

came in at soft RP hours and an kind admin gave me a minigun had fun! (since then i been petitioning for miniguns to be added to medics loadout)


Spying admiral thrawn outside of ATC :) (first map change!)


got caught but an officer in the ATC so i had to hang low so she wont notice me hehe



sneaked into ISB haha and explored the place! (very clean)


got stuck above a door sigh..


Hanging around in the engine room! the button is very tempting to press argh


had my first flying experience in IG haha


May have stolen this fighter? idk hehe 



Annoying clover cuz i like to (love this dude btw awesome lad)


Tested prototype helmet so i can sit outside of the ISD and vibe20200807104044_1.thumb.jpg.50bad6ebd36a32a882f6c2ee6ab76c83.jpg

The day i waited to enter the throne room :)


I sworn in and became the emperor!   ALL hail emperor DUCKY!20200807105049_1.thumb.jpg.bb478137b4c97df7843316414d53ee16.jpg

Hanging around?


Added miniguns to the medics loadout as emperor!

Thats all for now! I really enjoy being on IG its becoming my second home i would not want to lose. I love everyone on this server especially the medics! ( relish and clover forced my hand to write this) 

I Hope i get to know more of yall and see different people on! again i wanna say i really love this server and its community! BIG LOVE! -QUACK

DISCLAIMER : screenshots were made without breaking any rules please no ban :3





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1 hour ago, DUCKY said:

( Relish kidnapped me and forced me to join medics)


1 hour ago, DUCKY said:

( clover will demote me n kill me if i dont say this please send help)

sounds about right

edit: i just looked at that screenshot of the regiment chatbox. smh clover

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File:World Health Organization Logo.svg - Wikimedia Commons

As the Empire is a member of the United Nations and I am a member of the Empire in the Medical Corps, I would like to make it known that the Medical Troopers, specifically the 23rd Medical Company, did not breach any of the articles in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and we are still working under and with the World Health Organisation.

Nah but on serious note, this post was wholesome, cute, and good, love the adventure and love the adventurer.

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