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unable to contribute to store


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Awhile back while I was on the server I asked staff about an issue regarding the store that I was unable to directly donate to the server now. Recently I checked the store and still am unable to do that


Is buying credits pretty much the new way of donating now or is this something that just fell under the radar? I also made a ticket on the support store regarding this but was unable to add an image since it would not let me post the ticket and It also would not let me make a reply or cancel the ticket either.

also Sorry if this possibly the wrong place to post this to as I am unsure where to put this type of post.


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Sorting out the donation store is a pretty high priority at the moment, but as @Cecil has just inherited Owner there's a lot of stuff to go through, please be patient.

For now, buying credits is pretty much 'supporting the server'.



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Yeah I think the donation store needs a small overhaul as various buttons are broken at times.  Hideyoshi and Tank also suggested that it may have something to do with Addon API Quote being maxed out for today being the short-term problem.

We're definitely looking at improving and altering the store.


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