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I have left E.V.O Co

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It's been very fun with boys in Evo but it went so quick, I remember the fun we had in Evo such as All the SITREPs and burning people to death in Sims and events, gosh I really want to go back and do that shit again, but I lost all motivation to run E.V.O and left because I didn't have any officers or a 2IC tried to find some but no luck there I hope the next co can do a better job than me I tried my best now I'm going off to try my best in navy. So I wish you luck to the next co and one last time for the EVO boys.   



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So what you're telling me is....Sky is the best 275th Regiment?

That's what I'm hearing boys. Pack it up.

RIP but, you did your best, best to enjoy yourself over trying to force something.

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