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Hey IG,

Recently I have been thinking about myself and who I am and who I want to be. Not that any of you really care about that anyway, but when doing this I came across this nice website called 16 Personalities that you can help with who you are objectively (well as objectively as you take the test). It didn't really give me what I wanted, but I thought it would be nice to share it with the community.

You don't have to share your results or anything, but I really thought it could be nice to share with you all. https://www.16personalities.com/

Here is mine I guess, I wouldn't call myself a mediator tbh, just what they called it. Its basically 'You don't like people but you can talk to them somehow.'

Enjoy or something, I don't know.


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This is what I got Protagonists. "Protagonists are genuine, caring people who talk the talk and walk the walk, and nothing makes them happier than leading the charge, uniting and motivation their team with infectious enthusiasm"

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I remember doing a test like a good 3 years ago, whoever got me to do it (I assume it was part of some kind of school activity) told us their's a large chance if you gave it 6 months you'd get a different result. I'm surprised what these test can actually tell you about yourself (Unlike shit like your birth sign, moon runes, calendar date and if a pig died ten days before a flood you get bad luck)


I recommend anyone who does the test to read through the info under your results and see what you'd apply to yourself or not, it's honestly quite insightful. 



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