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The Minecraft Dragon Egg Hunt

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The Egg Hunt

As you may know, the Minecraft Ender Dragon was defeated on the Imperial Gaming Minecraft server on the day of launch.

I took it upon myself to create an inclusive, community-wide event and do an egg hunt. 

It's a simple concept. The Dragon Egg is hidden somewhere in a certain region of the world, first person to find the egg wins!

Of course, this is highly exploitable! I can't just place it on top of a tree somewhere and call it a day! Players can easily switch on an X-Ray resource pack and find it in no time. 
I am countering this despicable issue by placing down chests all over the area. Decide to use X-Ray? You'll be able to see the chests, but you won't find the dragon egg.


You might be asking right now; "Kristofer, what is the prize if I manage to locate the egg?" 
Good question, the prize of being the first person to locate the egg will be a sum of credits on the Star Wars RP server. The sum is still, as of yet, uncertain (If you wish to donate funds, DM me).


How to Participate

Step 1

Go to these coordinates.

Step 2

Find this spot.

Step 3

Look for the egg. 

Step 4

Once you find the egg, take a screenshot of it with your Minecraft character in third-person (F5) and post it on this thread.
Keep the egg if you want, I dunno.


Have fun, and happy hunting.

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56 minutes ago, Kristofer said:

server on the day of launch.

Within 4 hours of launch*

Fuckin nerds.

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On 7/24/2020 at 9:58 PM, Kristofer said:

Hopefully people play through it at a lax pace now and not speed-run the game so content doesn't get exhausted over the course of a single week!

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30 minutes ago, Hamish said:

is it like 1000 blocks away or just in the surrounding area?

Surrounding area. If you don't see a chest, then you're most likely out of the zone. 

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