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Bibleman- Rise of Galvatron PT 2


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Here it is as promised and is dedicated to my old friends @Tonberry and @Ragetank. I also expect @Bailey to have a 200 word review in the comments 



These events take place 4 years after the Rise of Galvatron PT 1

chapter 1

The distant cries of birds can be heard echoing throughout the jungle canopy. Large giant fungal spores litter throughout the jungle floor and grow tall into the sky while small beams of light shine in from the dense jungle treetops. A girl in her late teens slowly navigates up a steep rock ledge with the dense jungle, holding onto the vines and roots as she climbs up the rockface. The girl was short for her age, and she had exquisite tan skin, entrancing brown eyes and such a smile that's shine can rival the great northern lights of Hyberboria. Her hair had turned light blue. This is because of the intense radiation had changed much like the rest of the jungle. The dangerous radiation now corrupts the jungle that was let out by the Thetacons all those years ago. The fallout had turned the jungle planets into corrupted and twisted versions of their former selves, and the animals of the forest have also suffered the same fate. She continues to climb up the steep rockface until she slowly claws herself up to the top of the Clift. She puts a hand on her mouth, making sure that her gas mask is still on correctly after the climb. If she were to breathe in any of the toxic fumes, it would give her immense pain. She slowly walks into the dense bushes at the top and pushes away the shrubs until she eventually finds what she was looking for. A small crashed Thetacon ship. The ship was old, dating back to the first invasion of Galvatron five decades ago. The ship was small but contained a precious but extremely toxic cargo. Dozens of vessels like this were carrying cargo exactly like this one crashed all of this island during the invasion and proceeded to corrupted this forest into a toxic jungle. Aylin grabbed her hunting rifle off her back and continued to walk up to the ship and slowly slide the metal hatch off from the back. She jumped down and turned on her makeshift flashlight. Aylin looked around shining small beams of the light into the darkness with the only other type of light coming from the outside through small holes in the sides of the ship. She walks down the short hallway, finding a body of a dead Thetacon slumped across. She bends over, tapping the head of the Thetacon with the barrel of her gun, making sure that it was dead. She eventually finds the cockpit, finding two more Thetacons slumped over, one of them having its head slammed into the control panel but a bunch of dead metal isn't what she came looking for. She walks back down and finds a small hatch leading to a small engine compartment, she crawls down and starts tearing apart the engine looking for parts she could salvage for her father's village. Aylin looks through the engine and after finding a few valuable pieces, she starts to crawl back up in the pitch dark. She climbs up and stumbles to her feet in the hallway but notices a small humming behind her getting close and closer. She grabs her rifle in front of her and turns around just in time to block a swing from one of the 'dead' Thetacons. The Thetacon had only 1 arm and was wielding an alien shortsword and continues to swing at Aylin. Aylin continues to block for a few more seconds until she traps the blade in the hilt of her gun, in the blade lock the Thetacon eerie scream, " Exx...EXTERMINATE!!" with its voices cutting out due to its damaged voice controller. Aylin manages to break the lock and bang the bud of her gun against the Thetacon, causing it to go back. While the Thetacon tries to regain its footing Aylin aims her rifle and fires 3 explosive shots into its chest sending it backwards on the ground killing it. Aylin walks back and leans up against the wall, breathing heavily and panting, as shes leaning she raises her rifle and fires another round its chest paranoid that it will get up. After this she wipes her light blue hair out of her eyes and picks up the bag full of her mechanical parts and leaves to return to her village but unknown to her, she accidently turned on a small, very faint signal from the Thetacon ship that emitting across the planet.



Chapter 2: 


The icy cold winds crash and slide against and over the northern mountains on the dead continent of Hyperboria. Nestled upon the mountains peeks rests the metal fortress of Galvatron. The citadel stretches across the mountain range and overlooks a great ravine so deep you cannot see the bottom and in the middle a large keep with a tower centred in the middle. In this circular tower at the top stands Galvatron in a large circular room standing in front of six holograms transmitting six different alien species, some humanoid and some not. A large insect alien centred in the middle of the holograms argues with Galvatron. " What-t-t-t you are down her is not-t-t legal Galvat-tron, you must stop what you are doing to t-this planet. You a breaking galactic law you vile serpent. T-t-there will be consequences if you do not comply with the laws that hundreds of star systems agreed-d-d upon", he says to Galvatron with a constant insect-like ticking in his voice. Another alien, one more resembles a blue reptilian scream at Galvatron," the chairman of the Cyprusian hive is right, or something will happen to you!" said the reptilian. A few seconds of eerie silence happens after the reptilian speaks. Galvatron looks around at all the holograms and screams " Law... I will only obey your law when you free Octane and free Razerhorn. Till I'm dead.. this feud is going till I'm dead and all you cowards claim you want my head but which one of you little rats wants to come to collect!? And I know what I said I will slaughter you all like fuck me dead. You all listen to me like Simon says, resume check on whatever I have said, you don't want war with my fucking bredren. War, if your strong as you all claim then you shall wish to have war!.." Galvatron screams at them all, " Your all cowardly pieces of unevolved flesh", he says softly as he shuts off all the holograms. Right after the holograms are shut off Cyclonus, Galvatron's second in command walks in. " My Lord Galvatron, I am sorry I was off schedule. Were having problems with the spawning pools my Lord. We must find new sources of Lyngurium. Otherwise, the hatchlings will keep dying." he says in his serpentine voice. " I have heard of this predicament Cyclonus, that is exactly why I have summoned you to the spire. Hours ago, a signal was picked up by one of our radar stations in the south of Hyperboria. It was a signal from a crashed cargo ship that I brought here during our invasion five decades ago. Those 28 ships are filled with Lyngurium. Theres enough Lyngurium there to keep the spawning pools working efficiently for the next twenty years, long enough for me to spawn a new army. I need you Cyclnous to gather the 67 Thetacon regiment to investigate this signal. Speak to commander Hefs and make sure it Lyngurium is retrieved if there is any left there" Galvatron says to Cyclonus. In a split second Galvatron activates one of his double-bladed sabres and holds it to Cyclonus neck and states, ' if you do not succeed Cyclonus I will melt you down for Lyngurium myself. Now go! To find my seed for a new army," He screams at Cyclonus before deactivated his sabres and ushers Cyclonus off. Cyclonus transforms into a small drone and flies away from the spire into the sky heading south to another base of Thetacons. Galvatron walks over to the balcony in which Cyclonus just flew out of a walk over to the edge and looks over. Galavtrons gazes upon thousands of new Thetacon warriors and admires his achievement. "Magnificent arent they," a small Thetacon scientist named Membrane says as he approaches Galvatron. " They are some of the finest batches we have bred, but without more Lyngurium the hatchlings will die, my lord," he continues. "Soon enough my loyal servant we will have more but first tell my personal guard to summon me my ship," Galvatron says to him as he walks back inside and goes down into an elevator guarded by two Thetacons. 



Chapter 3:

As Aylin walks through the corrupted jungle, she brushes the dense foliage as she listens to the distance cries animals that reside in the forest. She continues through the jungle, having her rifle and her bag on her back and using her hands to clear a path for her to walk in. Eventually, Aylin stumbles across a small creek flowing through the small rock formations of the jungle. As she keeps walking, she finds a small clearing and sits down, letting out a massive sigh since she is exhausted. She takes her bag and rifle and lays them on the ground. She takes out a small water filter heads over to the little stream to collect some water. Aylin prays her water filter still walks properly since if it doesn't the water she will drink will be extremely toxic, much like everything in the jungle the water is also corrupted. As she leans over to collect the water, she notices rustling in the trees getting louder and louder. She quickly turns around but can't see anything, the light reflecting off the leaves in front of her, making them shimmer with golden light. " Hello!?" Aylin screams, " whos there!" she continues to yell. All of a sudden, the rustling stops all of a sudden, the surrounding area going dead quiet, the only movement was that of the small stream behind her. As she scans in the tree, she notices a hooded figure peering through the trees but pretends to not see him. She slowly puts her backpack and then all of a sudden, she grabs her rifle and sprints at the hooded figure. The hooded figure fled into the jungle, but Aylin was swift on her feet right behind him. The stranger sprinted through the jungle, jumping over logs, rocks while waking away the foliage all the while Aylin pursues him. The strange mam trips on a root and stumbles down into a small ditch, and as he tried to get up, Aylin jumps on him holding a sharp tool to his neck. She pulls back the hood to reveal a young man, roughly her age with scruffy curly hair and green eyes. For some peculiar reason, they just stared into each other eyes both feeling a weird feeling coming over them. As the man laid on his back, pinned down by her, he stares back her into her eyes. It seemed if time stood still as they stared at each other, the light shimmering coming through her hair from the canopy above. Then as swiftly like the crack of a whip, the few seconds of that strange feeling went away, and Aylin pressed the sharp tool back against his neck. "Wh-who are you.... why were you following me!" she screams at him while panting from chasing after him, the muffled voice coming through her mask, making it hard to understand. " I-I wasn't. I have been wandering through this jungle for nearly two weeks. I thought I was doomed to wondering about this place forever. I went up on a hill and thought I could see a small creek, I thought if I could follow it, it would lead me to something and I guess it did..." he said to her with the same muffled voice coming through his mask. " If you were really lost why didn't you say anything back when I screamed asking whos there," Aylin said as she continues to press the cold steel against his throat. " I-I don't know. I don't know why... I felt frozen when I saw you there... I just haven't seen anyone in weeks," he replied, constantly stuttering all the while Aylin can hear how nervous he is while he speaks. As she realises this, she fights back the urge to start laughing at him, finding his nervousness amusing. Aylin pulls the blade off the neck slightly but still gently leaving the cold steel on his neck," What's you name anyway, you might have forgotten how to speak to people, but you surely couldn't forget your name," she said to him. " Ben.... my names Ben," he said. Aylin bursted out into laughter, "Ben!?.. Ben!?, that the most basic bitch name I have ever heard but anyway I'm Aylin. Nice to meet you I guess" she says as gets up off him and stands up, " Get up. I still have to get back to the village by sundown, and I'm not gonna let you slow me down. So you can either follow me or walk off back into the jungle" she says to him as she holds out a hand for him to grab onto and he pulls himself up with her help. After this, they set out into the jungle. They walk down the small creek for hours, talking about who they are but all the while during this first encounter, they were both being slowly overwhelmed with a strange feeling.  


" Not trying to be rude or anything Aylin but how much further do we have to go," Ben said to her as he follows her down the side of the creek. "Not long" she replies, " another 30 minutes or so if we keep following the river," she continued. " If you don't mind me asking, what were you doing out there. No one in their sane mind would wander into that dense of jungle unless they had no other choice and believe me I know" Ben asked. " I just had to get some parts from an old ship, that's all... Anyways why were you out here on this island, it's far from the colonies, you must have also had a purpose to come out here" she replied not wanting to tell him what occurred to her in the Thetacon ship but also wanting to know the story behind him. " I was sailing from one of the work camps back to one of the colonies, I couldn't believe how lucky I was that the Thetacons even granted me a transfer permit. I guess it was because I was in the camps for 3 years ever since the second invasion, maybe one just felt sorry for me. So I did a few jobs outside of the work camps in the surrounding villages and eventually got enough credits for a sailing boat. So I left one of the coastal towns, and I was hoping that Id sail to one of the western colonies still somewhat together even under Thetacon rule, but there was a storm, and it made me crash on the western side of the island. If I didn't find you I don't think anyone would find me, everyone, even the Thetacons think this large island is a just a toxic rock in the middle of the western seas," he replied to her as he makes sure his gas mask is still on correctly. " Well it is what it is but don't worry, you will have a warm meal and comfy bed soon," Aylin replied. They continued to walk down the stream as they slowly grew fonder of each other occasionally having a small laugh with one another as they wander under leaves and through the long grass gently swaying in the midnight breeze all the while small fireflies illuminate the sky in small pockets of light until eventually the lights of Aylins distant home could be seen glistening and flickering in the distance. "Were here, hurry up!" Aylin said as she started to lightly run, for a few moments Ben stopped and started staring at her, hypnotised by her, making him stand in the silent forest while small fireflies glisten the jungle around him. After a few seconds, he started to run to catch up her. 





Chapter 4

The metal clanking of Galvatron can be heard echoing throughout the underground tunnels. Galvatron was at another Thetacon base but deep underground, only accessible by maybe a handful of Thetacons. Galavtrons walk and stands in front of a massive metal door before it automatically opens. The room was was empty except for a small marble altar in the middle and on top lays a half-destroyed crown and behind that an extensive collection of cushions and chairs. Galvatron walks towards the alter, all the while the low lights lighting up the room gently reflect off his armour and into the darkness. Galvatron picks up the crown and holds it in front of him. " Like you before me...I will lead our people to a new home and a better future" he says to himself as he lays the crown back down onto the alter but as he does, he notices a familiar but caring presence enter the room. A green serpentine humanoid emerges from one of the dark passways, the top half of women with green, scaley skin and dozens of small snakes in where her hair would be, while the lower half of her body is that of a large serpents tail. She stood about 6 feet while her using her tail to hold her up as well as move her around but she was still small compared to the 11-foot tall height of Galvatron." What brings you all the way down here, lord Galvatron, back again to worship a weak and especially dead leader," she says is a sarcastic tone while she giggles as she approaches him. As she gets close to him, she runs her fingers over his armour, " or have you come back to worship me. I know you that you still miss my touch and my embrace... hear my voice, my love for you will never die" she says as she leans up a gives Galvatron a small icy kiss on his metallic cheek. " Angita, I have continued on our purpose, the purpose you put me on. I have nearly completed it, I have nearly completed all you have asked" Galvatron says to her as she walks away to gentle lie back on the large pile of cushions at the other side of the small room. " My love once you have completed your purpose, you will rule with me for eternity. You will play that song you gently sang to me long ago, and then, wherever the universe takes us, we will never be apart. Once you have completed your purpose and my quest, my love, you will find the key to my heart, we will finally be together again in peace," she says to him she leans back onto the cushions, but as she lies back, Galvatron walks towards her and kneels in front of her facing downwards. " I will do anything... and I will destroy anyone that stands in our way... in front of us being together again," Galvatron says as she puts her cold hand on his metallic chin. " My love.. you are as strong like the fiercest hurricane, wild and strong, never bound nor chained you will never be destroyed, and with me guiding you there is nothing that can stand in your way. My love, hear my voice, our love will never die... Now rise my champion, go complete your purpose here while I wonder how long it will take for you to return back to me," Antiga says as she takes her hand off and sends him out of the room.



Galvatron emerges out of a large elevator at the surface. As he walks out, he is greeted by members of his personal guard and behind them his personal transport ship. As Galvatron gets on his shuttle, one of his guardsmen comes up to him and says," My Lord Galvatron, Cyclonus requests to speak to you" he says. " Open the holo-link " Galvatron replies and the Thetacon soldier complies. The guardsmen hold out a small handheld device which projects a live image of Cyclonus in front of Galvatron. " My lord Galvatron, I have prepared the 67 regiments, we will leave at sunrise tomorrow towards the island, I have been told you will meet us later that day on the island," Cyclonus said to Galvatron. " I will meet you there Cyclonus after and you better make sure that everything has gone to plan or it will be your head on the line," Galvatron replied to Cyclonus. " Yes my lord there will be no mistakes," Cyclonus said to Galvatron as the hologram is turned off. Galvatron turns around, " take me back to the spire pilot," he tells the pilot as they take off and fly off back to the spire.


Chapter 5. 


@Ragetank wipes his forehead as he lowers his pickaxe. He has been mining for hours deep underground in the extreme heat. Tank looks over to @Bailey as they here the clanking of the routine check of the Thetacon enforcers. "Nearly 4 years in this cave, Bailey. I shouldn't have allowed for myself to be captured years ago I should have died alongside the rest of them.... you must get sick of, you know hearing me repeat that every day for the past few years," Tank said to Bailey. " You know it doesn't really get that old, but then again it feels like we have been here forever," Bailey says to Tank as he sits down on a rock inside the cave while he takes a breath. As they both continue to talk a loud siren rings, they both know its time to start the ascent back up to the surface. Hundreds of other workers are funnelled into large tunnels were they are prodded along like cattle by Thetacon enforcers. After a few minutes of walking, they arrive at a transport elevator where they promptly transported up to the surface. As the elevator door opens, they both squint their eyes because of the suns intense light, neither of them have seen sunlight in nearly four days. As they look up, they see the enormous structure of Galavtrons spire, towering 400 meters up into the skyline. Soon after waiting for the Thetacons to do a safety check on the workers both of them and the rest of the workers are transported back to the workcamp site which was at the other side of the fortress.


After arriving at the work camp and as the main gates close behind them, Tank and Bailey walk over to a small table in the courtyard and sits down. " Well Tank I have some good news to tell you," Bailey says as he pulls his jumper across his chest because of the freezing cold wind. " And what's that Bailey. You're probably going to brag about how someone made you that crappy jumper out of rags and bandages again," Tank replies in an annoyed voice. " No-No" Bailey replies, " @Kamelieon has told me that he and some guys have finished that small weapon cache. They dug a small hole behind the showers. It not much but it's enough pickaxes and shovels to arm maybe three dozen people. That enough for us to start a riot and finally get out of this hole." Bailey says to Tank. " Oh, finally they got around for doing that. Now we just gotta collect a few mores shanks, blades and whatever else before we can get out of here.... or die trying" Tank replies to Bailey. " Then I guess we wait for now, ill be back Tank I'm gonna go see if there any available rations. I will be back in a bit" Bailey walks off while Tank stays there pondering about his eventual breakout. 




Chapter 6


The morning cries of the birds ring out throughout the canopies, and the undergrowth of the forest and the echoes eventually make their way into Aylins home village. Aylin was already up, she always wakes up early but is much more tired than usual. The night before she got Ben settled in her house, admittedly giving him a bowl of bug stew that the other villages had made and making him sleep on the wooden floorboards only with a few pillows to cushion him as he sleeps. Before Aylin wakes him up, she is organising her gear, she lays her gas mask out on a small table since she doesn't need it here. The villages have large fires surrounding the village and large plants which kill and drive away from the toxic spores of the jungles Aylin walks over to his sleep, she bends down and slaps him across his face, " Wake up sleepy head, I'm not just gonna let you doze around on my floor all-day" Aylin says as Ben awakes in a quick fright. "What was that for!" he snapped back at Aylin. Aylin laughs, " Because its funny now get up, eat some fruit before we go out since I helped you last night your gonna help me do a few things." she says to him as he stumbles to his feet and looks outside. As he looks outside, he sees the villagers tending to the crop fields and walking up a down the small dirt paths. The village was small, home to maybe 200 people but it was self-sufficient apart from the occasional hunt for Thetacon scrap metal and machinery. " I'm guessing you guys came here after the invasion. It's a beautiful place. You're lucky the Thetacons wouldn't even think of suspecting this island harbours anything but anyways what do you need me to help you with" Ben says to Aylin as he turns around to look at her. " Just help me carry those parts to the power station on the western side of the village, it's only a 20-minute walk. Then after that's done, we will head back here and do whatever. Maybe figure out a way to get you to where you wanted to go in the first place." Aylin says as they both get what they need and heading out walking down the few dirt paths of the village.  


After 10 minutes of walking, they are still walking through a dirt path in a clearing from the jungle, Aylin and Ben continue to chatter and occasional share a small chuckle with each other. In the middle of a conversation, Aylin accidently drops a small piece of Thetacon machinery on the ground and goes to pick it up, but as she does she notices that there's a small green flashing light, thinking nothing of it she puts it into her pocket trying to make sure it won't fall out again. After a few more minutes of walking, they see a large commotion within the jungle with dozens of birds suddenly flying up into the sky. Since it was about 2 kilometres away they both didn't think nothing of it, so they get to the western power station and fix what they needed too but as they are halfway on their journey back to the village. They start noticing more commotions within the jungles with more birds flying over them in the opposite direction and small animals sourcing into holes. Still, Aylin told Ben and herself its probably one of the large predators that hunt the jungles during the early hours of the morning, but her mind soon drifts to other things as they both walk back.



Chapter 7



As a large troop transport escorted by 3 close air support bombers hovers just above the treeling to hides it visibility, Thetacon commander Hefs stands in front of his men in front of the main drop door and gives them a debrief. " The target is a hostile village northwest of this position. Lord Galvatron told us to leave no survivors and to take anything of use. These villagers have mercilessly attacked injuried and wounded Thetacons, they will receive no mercy from us." Commander hefs say but as he screams this to his soldiers within the dropship the rumbling of the bombers flying off to begin their attack run can be heard souring away from the dropship and the dropship itself starts to slowly approach the village. 



Aylin and Ben are both standing in a small open area in the middle of the village after they just fixed the western power station. " I can't believe you out of breath already, it was only a little bit of hard work," Aylin says as she makes fun of Ben leaning against a small pole extremely tired. " Well, it's not like I have gotten a lot of sleep in the past two weeks," he replies as he chucks a small laugh. Right before she was about to say another one of her signature insults, they both notice a rumbling sound getting closer and closer. As they look up they both notice 3 objects flash overhead. Then as soon as they flew overhead large explosion appear all over the village, Ben and Aylin are temporarily stunned by the blast, causing them to go deaf with constant ringing in their ears. As they both stumble to their feet they both see towering columns of fire around them, Incendiary bombs were turning this peaceful village into a twisting inferno. They see dozens of villagers run into the open field trying to escape. Ben runs over to Aylin they both look up a see the Thetacon dropship hovering over the area with the surviving villagers.


Inside the ship, Commander Hefs is rilling up his men while he equips his rifle. " How times my loyal soldiers have we been outnumbered and come out on top, how many times we picked a battlefield and let off shots. Who wants fucking smoke, boys!" he screams as his soldiers yell " Who Want smoke" three times behind him. As the dropship lands the large door opens, and dozens of Thetacons soldiers charge out massacring the innocent villagers. Aylin and Ben start to flee through the small parts in-between the houses as they hear the cries of the villagers as they are being slaughtered like cattle but as they are escaping a group of Thetacons see them and proceed to chase after them. After trying to get away, they are both cornered by Thetacon solders but as the Thetacons raise there guns a humming can be heard in the background. As Aylin, Ben and the Thetacons look up they can a medium-size gunship racing towards the opening. As the gunship approaches the opening, it pulls a fast right turn and hovers in the air while machines planted on the side of the gunship open heavy fire onto the surrounding Thetacons as it slowly lowers. As the dropship lands, the side doors swing open to reveal two figures. The tall figure on the left was a Thetacon in a purple and yellow armour wielding two hand cannons, and on the right was a hooded figure. Split seconds after the door slide open the figure on the right activate his bright yellow sabre deflecting laser bolts back to the surviving Thetacons, and the figure to the right of him open fires with his duel hand cannons also gunning down further Thetacons that are being attracted to the scene. " Get in!" screams the figure on the right as Aylin and Ben run towards the gunship. As Ben jumps inside he trips and falls on his back onto the dropship and Aylin falls on top of him as the doors close. Another Thetacon is purple and yellow armour barges into the room asking the man wielding his yellow sabre on current orders. " Get us out of here, we can't reach any more of the survivors," he tells the Thetacon as he lowers his sabre. Ben and Aylin both move backwards quickly, huddling up in the corner of the room. " Who are you...." Aylin says nervously as she and Ben are against the wall. The hooded man pulls down his hood and attaches his sabre to his belt, " I am Bibleman, once a crusader now a simply insurgent leader. This is Captain Pex, and yes, he is a Thetacon but not the ones we are all familiar with." Bibleman says as he walks over to them, offering his hand out to both of them before they both stand up.

" We intercepted a signal from Galvatron's fortress," the Thetacon to the right of Bibleman says, " We believed it was a troop transport, not an extermination mission." He continued. " But you're a Thetacon why we're fighting them," Ben says to him, confused. " I am a Thetacon but not one of Galavtrons. My mine serving with Bibleman served our previous leader. After Galvatron's first invasion of this planet we defected, we took battlecruiser. We hid it in a large rocky island far out in the western seas, and we were in hibernation mode for nearly 53 years until Bibleman found us last year and convinced us to join his cause. Were heading back t our command centre now." he explained to Ben as they are both leads into a smaller room where they both sit down. Captain Pex leaves the smaller room and Bibleman stands in the doorway. " We will arrive at our command centre in a couple hours. Once were your there I will explain everything to you" Bibleman says as the door closes in front of them, leaving Ben and Aylin together in the back of the gunship. The gunship flies off into the west as the sun continues to rise in the morning. 



Chapter 8



Galvatron stands in the middle of a large landing bay with a few on his personal guards as a large transport ship enters the hangar. As the transport ships door slides open Cyclonus walks out and behind him hundreds of barrels containing Lyngurium. " My lord here is the Lyngurium as promised", Cyclonus says as he walks over to Galvatron. " You have surprised me Cyclonus, I was expecting one of your routine disappointments, " Galvatron says as he picks up one of the containers. " But my Lord, there is something I think you should know. My Lord, I apologise for being the bearer of bad news, but our troops attacked... by a group of Thetacons lead by a surviving crusader." Cyclonus says as he slowly packs away, preparing for the outburst of rage Galvatron is prone too. " Then the reports were true Cyclonus... these rouge Thetacons will be slaughtered Cyclonus but wait for Cyclonus, how many ships worth of Lyngurium did we extract from the wreckages? " Galvatron says as he turns to face Cyclonus. " We got managed to find around 23 ships worth, 5 other ships, especially a large transport have been unaccounted for my Lord" Cyclonus replies. " They could have potentially created a small army if they are responsible for the missing Lyngurium Cyclonus. Cyclonus head back to the island and oversee the remaining Lyngurium being transported... One last thing Cyclonus if you find any of the traitorous Thetacons I want you to capture them alive so I can melt them down myself" Galvatron as he signals Cyclonus away and he heads back inside the transport ship. Galvatron turns around and signals two of his personal guards over to him. " You both will go and retrieve Antiga from her chamber, I expect you to bring her to the spire within the next few hours now go," Galvatron says as those two guards run out of the hangar. 




Hours later stands in the middle of the command room of his spire pondering on what to do next regarding the new situation. All of a sudden, the door on the other side of the control room opens. Antiga enters the room and behind her 3 of her own personal guards in bright red armour. " I expected for you to summon me soon but not this soon Galvatron. Now explained to me why exactly I'm here. It must be important for you to bring me up all the way out here, from what I remember you never used to like show me off," she says as she slightly chuckles as she moves up beside Galvatron. " I believe an old enemy from long ago seems to be alive... Sentius is alive leading a renegade group of Thetacons loyal to the creator but don't worry I will crush them." Galvatron says to her. " Very well my champion, I will descend into the lower levels where I will coordinate defences of this fortress," she says as she turns around to head downstairs. " My love do not waste your time with such useless planning, his forces will not even live to see this spire," Galvatron says to her. " Galvatron, my dear we both know that Sentius is unpredictable there is nothing wrong in preparing for a possible assault and remember one thing.... the soldiers might follow your orders, but this is as much of my army as it is yours. After I have finished my work downstairs, I will return to our chambers where I will wait for you. Don't disappoint Galvatron in your handling of this or I won't be pleased" Angita says as she leaves the room while Galvatron still looks out from his spire thinking. 




Chapter 9


Biblemans gunship slowly descends into a large opening of a rocky island in the middling of a raging storm and descends down into a large opening where it lands in the middle of an extremely large underground hanger connected to control rooms and armouries. As the door opens Ben and Aylin witness groups of Human and Thetacon soldiers walking in formations around the base as well Human and Thetacon engineers working on equipment and vehicles but Aylin notices something different. Aylin notices that the Thetacons here were different, they look different. Their scheme and layout of their armour were almost entirely different from that of the Thetacons she knew. Soon everything within the gunship steps out, and they start walking up the side of the hanger. After walking through the hanger and through different hallways the all enter into a large command room, and at the opposite sat a large Thetacon, about 8ft tall sitting in a chair. His armour was open, all of his organs within his metal skeleton can be seen as tiny robots operate on him as he gives out orders and commands. Bibleman, commander Pex walk up to him with the large figure with Ben and Aylin behind them. " These are the only survivors from the Thetacon raid, we couldn't save any others Sentius" Bibleman says as he approaches Sentius. " The Thetacons get closer and closer to us everyday commander, we are all endangered if we stay. I have already ordered preparations for the final battle. We have 6 thousand fighters, human and Zakuulian in the forest surrounding Galvatrons fortress, we have prepared a small number of artillery pieces and armoured vehicles" Sentius said to Bibleman. As Sentius continues he is interrupted by Aylin, " Why are you doing, you're a Thetacon why are you doing this" she said nervously. As the whole room looked towards her, Sentius stands up. " We are no Thetacons... We are not associated with the tyranny of Galvatron. We are the Zakuulians. We never served Galvatron and his oppression. He told us that we were going to a planet with no life, ripe for colonisation, but when he started the war, we left. I wouldn't allow my people to die in an evil war, I wouldn't allow more hatchlings to be bread into metallic warriors like us before them. We fled, and we have taken refugee here ever since until Bibleman found us. He showed me the capacity for the courage you human posses. Only together could we finally defeat Galvatron" He says to her. " Im sorry but you both have to come with us. Everyone here will leave this base in 30 minutes to the final battle" Sentius says as he sits back down while as looks back to Bibleman. " When are we halfway in route to Galvatron's fortress, our forces on the ground will assault the wall of his fortress while we attack from the air with our airborne units," Sentius says and as he continues Zakuulian Thetacon barges in pushing past everyone. " My Lord, our scouts, have informed us that Galvatron is preparing defences we have to act now," He said to Sentius. " Officer, inform Commanders Joel and Wombat to begin the assault immediately we will be at the fortress shortly. Everyone Else makes haste to the hangar and prepare for battle" He screams as the command centre becomes chaos. Officers and soldiers all sourcing to their assigned roles, Aylin and Ben are both taken away to a random platoon inside a gunship were they are given a makeshift rifle much like the other militiamen around them. Bibleman, Commander Pex and Sentius board another dropship with their own complement of solders as well. Around 30 armoured dropships take off into the sky all holding around 800 soldiers within them. All the dropships fly off west towards Galvatrons castle. Every single one in all of those dropships was all anticipating the final battle to come.   





Chapter 10- The Final Battle :()


" Get up you fool Cyclonus," Galvatron screams as Cyclonus is getting up after being knocked down from an explosion by an artillery shell. " Order our artillery casements on the wall to return fire, " Galvatron screams at him. " All batteries open fire... fire!. All Thetacons stationed on the outer walls. Your leaders as order you repel the barbarians, and you will do as such. Show no mercy" Cyclonus screams into his comlink into his arm as more shells land all around fortress. " Cyclonus, send a detachment of Thetacons to make sure Antiga is escorted to my ship, she must not be injured and then get my personal guard and meet at the inner walls," he says to Cyclonus as he runs away.


The mighty outer walls of Galvatron's fortress are soo being turned into rubble as Human and Vakulian shellfire lay waste to it. The Thetacons also return fire from their artillery platforms mounted on the walls inflicted heavy causalities on their enemy positions. Thetacon machine gun nest make the surrounding fields of his fortress into a death field. Pinning down hundreds of soldiers assaulting the castle but also killing dozens as they slowly and slowly get closer to the walls. The Thetacon outer walls and only last so long as increasing shell fire from artillery and armoured veichles slowly take out their artillery emplacement and machine-gun nests but at a heavy toll for the attackers. As the attackers are pinned down, the holes created from the artillery shells from both the attackers and defenders form a makeshift series of trenches in which the attacker hide in for cover. A young soldier @Jeria is currently taking refugee in one of these holes as the bodies of his fellow soldiers lay piled at the bottom of it and as machine-gun fire and laser bolts whizzing over his head. He can hear the cries of his comrades as they charge into the meat grinder, but all he can do is pray that he can get out of there, but something catches his eye. Small shimmers of light flickering off in the distance, getting closer and closer. These shimmers of lights were Sentius's and Biblemans fleet of dropships heading for the fortress.  



As the fleet of gunships rapidly approaches Galavtrons fortress, they are suddenly greeted with a hail of anti-aircraft fire with hundreds of air-burst shells exploding in the air or shells directly hitting the dropships. As Bibleman looks out his right window, he suddenly sees the dropship next to him exploded, quickly turning into a fireball and descending to the ground. Bibleman can hear the rapid explosions of more dropships over the next two minutes. The dropship doors slowly open as they steadily approach their target. Then at Sentius's order, hundreds of men jump out of the dropships descending over Galvatrons fortress. As they learn with the outer and inner walls, the Thetacon outer defence soon fall apart from getting overrun from the assaulting forces and the attack from the airborne troops. The coordinated defence soon turned into a violent and chaotic melee where it was almost every many for himself. Grenades and incendiary bombs exploded, killing dozens of soldiers on both sides. Violent melee brawls where both sides were fighting with whatever they could to kill their foes. Bibleman and Sentius fought side by side. Biblemans yellow sabre never too far from Sentius swinging his double blade axe. It was a different story for the unlucky duo of Ben and Aylin. They both landed in the thick of the fighting, both of them separated in the fight, it also didn't help that both of them could barely shoot and fire a rifle, but they did there best to survive the chaos, fighting in any way they could to make sure they wouldn't die in combat. 


As the ensuing chaos occurs overhead Tank and Bailey decide it's their time to make their daring escape. They and hundreds of other prisoners use an IED to explode the prison gate and quickly seizing makeshift weapons of pickaxes, shovels and whatever else. As they suddenly emerge behind the remaining lines of Thetacons within the outer walls. They charge into the remaining Thetacons slaughtering them brutally by hacking them to pieces with their weapons. Tank himself kicked a Thetacon onto the ground and swung his pickaxe straight into its head as he charged out fighting the remaining Thetacons in the outer walls.  



Galvatron stood in front of his remaining inside the gatehouse leading out into the battlefield. He gets his soldiers to grab his double-bladed sabre and his large oval shield. To his left, stood Cyclonus and behind him, 600 Thetacons of his personal guard. As a Thetacon soldier behind him blew into a loud horn, the gates opened with Galvatron and Cyclonus right behind hi leading a charge into the battlefield. Once Galvatron charged out the remaining Thetacons already in the fight allied to his charge and manage to hold their lines, and for a few minutes, it would seem as if Galvatron's forces could repel the attackers by the momentum of this charge. In the thick of the battle Tank spots, Galvatron cutting down enemy soldiers and mutters to himself, " retaliation is a must" before starting to cut down Thetacons with his pickaxe to get to him. BTank picks up a Thetacon sabre on the ground and ignites and runs at Galvatron. Galvatron just sees this and lowers his shield to block the strike that was moving at his legs from Tank. In the next 30 seconds a quick but intense sabre duel begins between Tank and Galvatron until Galvatron kicks him on his back and puts his metallic claw feet on his chest holding him down. " You all really think you can win," Galvatron says as he laughs at Tank. " Ill gutter stomp you, you talking trashcan, Im from DT motherfucker" he screams at him as Galvatron raises his blade ready to stab him. Then all of a sudden a Sentius tackles Galavtron making them tumble across the battlefield for 20 meters. As they stand up Galvatron charges at Sentius entering in a brutal melee fight with Sentius. As Galvatron and Sentius fight they stand out in the battle, both the 10ft tall cyborgs tower dwarf everyone else on the field. As there fight ensues, Galvatron grabs a piece of metal lying on the ground and using at brass knuckles bashes Sentius face with it causing him to fall backwards. As Sentius falls to the ground, Galvatron jumps on him continue to bash his head with the pieces of metal, but as he continues to bash Sentius, Sentius transform his right hand into a short sword and stabs it into Galvatron side causing Galvatron to scream and stand up and move away summoning his sabre to his hand. As Galvatron finds his feet, Bibleman comes behind him again starting another intense sabre duel with Galvatron but every move Galvatron makes cause shim extreme pain because of his wound from Sentius. A minute later in the middle of the duel, an artillery shell lands right next to Bibleman a Galvatron sending them both flying in different directions.  


As Galvatron gets to his feet and picks up his double-bladed sabre as he looks around and starts screaming orders at his men to press the attack. Then, Galvatron notices a humming noise coming towards him then he notices a heavy feeling his chest. As he looks down he sees a massive hole blown in his right chest, he pulls out the tail end of the armour piercing missile that was shot into him. As he collapses down to being on one knee, he puts his left hand over his chest wound, trying to stop the leaking of his fluids and his organs falling out of his armour. Then it was as if all went silent, he looks around and sees the battlefield as if it is in slow motion. The so-called 'Warrior King' looks all around him and watches his Thetacon brethren fall one by one, he knows finally realised that it was only a matter of time before him and the rest of the Thetacon warrior cult were slaughtered. Cyclonus sees this from across the field and gathers a few Thetacons to rescue Galvatron and orders the larger Thetacons to carry the now dying Galvatron back into the spire. Cyclonus ordered few remaining Thetacon soldiers fall back and hold the gate while he covers the Thetacons carrying. Galvatron is carried eventually back up to the top of the spire where Antiga and her personal guards wait for him, she refused to leave Galvatron in this battle. She sits down next to him as he lays down in the middle of the room while Cyclonus and the remaining Thetacons aim at the door waiting for the eventual attack. Bibleman and Sentius still occupied with the remaining Thetacon forces on the ground send up a group for 60 soldiers to chase down the dying Galvatron. Minute pass until the 60 assault troops, lead my commander Joel finally breach the command room at the top of the spire and as they enter Galvatron tells Antiga to flee, and she manages to run off through a hidden tunnel system. The room erupts in gunfire as Galvatron transforms his right hand into a blaster and starts fire at the human troops. The Other Thetacons in the room are slowly killed one by one until; finally, Cyclonus drops down next to Galvatron wherein his dying voice turns his head to Galvatron and says " Honour... to the end" as the lights of his eyes slowly fade. Soon All the Thetacons guarding Galvatron are killed, and there is silence in the room. Galvatron sits up and pulls out a device with a small red button on it. " You see my face your life is done...." he says softly as he presses the button. All of a sudden a massive explosion erupts in the middle of the spire making it collapse into the dark abyss of the neighbour ravine. Bibleman and Sentius look up as the tower descends into the bottomless ravine, but at this moment there were no more Thetacons left on the field. A few minutes of silence go by before a large cheer of joy erupts throughout the thousands of surviving soldiers as they celebrate their victory. In the midst of this celebrating Ben, covered. in mud, dust and bruises finds his way to Aylin where he for some strange reason implusly gives her a strong embrace, and she does the same as they both look around at the people cheering around them. 


Bibleman walks up to Sentuis, " So that's it now, he finally gone, just like that" he says to Sentuis as he sits down on a piece of rubble. " He might be gone, but I fear the corrective Scar of Galvatron will never leave our peoples" he replies as he turns around. Sentuis stands up on a large piece of rubble, his towering height gaining the attention of everyone. " What we have done today is no light feet of accomplishment, all of you have sacrificed so much for this and others have paid the ultimate sacrifice... It only takes a few braves souls united to save a world... We can all be heroes in our own lives IF we only have the courage to try!.... the fates of our species have always been intertwined, but now our worlds are joined as one. We must now work together in order to survive and to rebuild our worlds" Sentuis says to everyone as a large beacon reaching up into the sky next to him. " I am Sentuis Prime, calling all surviving Thetacons and Vakulian taking refugee among the stars, it is time to come home..."





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This is truly a masterpiece, something I am sure will go down in Imperial Gaming history as 'Legendary'. Personally, the repeated use of names was funny as fuck but from a story-writing perspective was unnecessary. Outside of that, good beginning with an explanation, good centre of the story with an obvious objective and then good conclusion in which the objective was complete. @Ragetank and I are somehow war veterans, but fuck it, it was pog.


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