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Damn it has been a long time, 3 years on this server and so much has changed, so many friends have come and gone and it has been an amazing experience to be apart of the server. Ever since I join the server I have seen it as a way find my own fun as well as meet new people with similar interests. For the time I have spent on the server I have enjoyed every bit of it.

Here are some top dogs

@Pro Your a real lad ever since we started doing 501st joint trainings and ops 

@Wombatiacus My first CO on the server during the 212th golden era, will never forget those awesome days

@Boshi This man is a legend and has made my time as PT CO enjoyable every time he is around 

@Misahu This dude came into GI not knowing anything but IMO has transformed INQ into something great

@Braino This man here guided me through PT making it such a fun time for me and I enjoyed every second of him being CO

@Kippy hands down one of the best blokes i've met on IG in my time both inside INQT and outside

@Matrix Ever since I joined PT Matrix has been in Sith through Marauders all the way to Vader. He has always been around to help out and is of course, a top bloke


Here are some pictures from the days of old and the days of new



I'd like to thank all the members and staff of IG for giving me such an amazing time.

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Congrats gamer.

Also, of course you've got Clone Wars pictures, Clone Wars was the best :).

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Prophet is a Absolute Legend and a Great mate, He is a Great and Funny guy to be Around he has made my Time in SITH and IG as a Whole alot better thank you man

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On 7/24/2020 at 11:38 PM, Legion said:

@Wombatiacus My first CO on the server during the 212th golden era, will never forget those awesome days

Fucking oath, those were the best times not because I was the CO, it was because of all the lads in the regiment that made it such a great experience. <3 Congrats on 3 Years.

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