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Q&A/Suggestions with Management

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Hello All! 


Wingza, Rook, zaspan and myself have been in discussion recently about a few ways to get more in-touch with the community. One idea that came up was a Q&A session where management sit in MH1 for an hour or so and just allow members of IG to asks any question (within reason) they currently have or put forward suggestions. This allows us to clarify our thought-processes behind decisions and pick the brains of the wider community for ideas alongside plenty of other things! By doing this in-game we hope that we are able to access the full community and hear the full range of questions and ideas, rather than just the people who frequent the forums and Teamspeak. 

The session will take place on Saturday (Tomorrow) starting at 8:00pm AEST 

We welcome everyone to participate whether that be through listening to others or asking questions yourself. There's no expectations, the questions don't have to be perfect or rehearsed, it's just a chat between the player-base and management. If you wish to ask your question privately, we can arrange that as well. 

- Cecil and the Management Team


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