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yeff Event Master Application


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+1  Plus one, nothing really negative to say, I assume the death troopers in one of the event idea's you mean to be zombies if not i'd suggest not using a regiment like that as NPC's as a lot of problems can occur. 

Event idea's are fine and the detail on the applications are fine as well nothing to outstanding but passable. Good luck on your application

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On 7/8/2020 at 5:40 PM, Angus said:

BIG +1 

From what i have seen Yeff is mature, creative and a nice guy. Your detail in your app is great. You have been around for a while. Good with RP (as seen by Kallus). Your events look really nice and well thought out Event 1 is nice and unique, Event 2 is good. 

All in all this guy is a ledgend well deserving of TEM 

+1 from having Yeff in VF to seeing him roleplay in both Sith and ISB, showed me how dedicated he was to the roleplay. I like the look of your events and they are structured. Others have summed up your application very well and I love too see you as an event master soon. Goodluck

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Hey Yeff, thank you for applying to be an Imperial Event Master!
I have reviewed your application, and I am pleased to inform you that you have been successful.
You will be contacted shortly to begin the induction process. 

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