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Rotation Schedule (July 2020)

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Hello IG! I'm going to start providing you all with the coming month's proposed rotation schedules at the beginning of each month. 

Keep in mind that these schedules are subject to change based on feedback or necessity, and may also get edited mid-month.

July 2020 Rotation Schedule
Thursday 02/07 - Naboo
Tuesday 07/07 - Titan
Thursday 09/07 - Tatooine
Wednesday 15/07 - Anaxes
Thursday 16/07 - Anaxes
Wednesday 22/07 - Titan
Thursday 23/07 - Titan
Tuesday 28/07 - Tatooine
Thursday 30/07 - Naboo


As per my most recent rotation feedback form, the two maps with the greatest negative reviews are Naboo and Tatooine, so they will each receive one day per 3 weeks (after the 15th). The base maps Anaxes and Titan Base will be rotated to for two days, once a week, which was the option on my form with the greatest support.

Personal Recommendation

My preferred rotation schedule would be to rotate to a base Monday and Tuesday, and a planet on Friday, followed by a full week without rotations. (Fortnightly rotation schedule). Unfortunately, this option was ranked third behind "Once a week for two days" and "No change to the schedule", so we are trialing this schedule instead.


If you have any opinions on this schedule, positive or negative, feel free to civilly discuss it in the comments, or swing me a PM. Better yet, reply to my form so I can include you in the votes!

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