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Now I know CFP currently looks a bit like...


... but looking into the past! When we're thriving with actual members, I assigned myself one tired afternoon to create as many menu items for the cantina as possible. For context on how far back this was when there was a slim chance we would actually get posters in the server ( I have made several, they're laying dormant somewhere on this device ), this is when the Jawa Meal was still a thing and I personally say that removing the jawa mega meal is the reason why the CFP fell and will be the downfall of the Empire.

Anyway, here is this mess.


Canteen Logo.png

Empty Canteen.png

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CFP is dead. Long Live CFP.


Bubbles is now a CFP droid, CFP will never truly die as long as we have KX "Bubbles" around.


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Brings back memories when me & @Daxx gave cookies out for filling out a form and then had a massive fight over if cookies were allowed or not outside of breaktime. CFP had some good moments...

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