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20 hours ago, Kristofer said:

Many forget that this server is a role-play server. That means every single RP action we take will result in some sort of RP reaction. If you mess up and face RP consequences, don't immediately take it to a staff sit because it's all RP.

To add on this: For the record, I will openly insult other players and put them down because my character is a dick, not because I don't like you as a real person. In an RP sense, it makes sense to shit on other people in-universe, not out; this includes policing and handing out in-RP consequences. This is because we are members of the Empire, which is (from the movies' point-of-view) an evil dictatorship built on competition and survival of the fittest, as well as order, segregation and conditioning.

Just because you might not like how certain regiments or people operate in their respective roles doesn't mean you can shit on their roleplay and take it out-of-character. That is just a cop-out and ruins the potential development of roleplay. Let it play out, keep your head up, and remember that it is all a game and how we act as our characters doesn't necessarily represent who we are as real people.

In saying that, if you're a person who takes out their real life anger and god complex and deliberately act malicious against your fellow players, I have no problem with you being punished in and out of character. There's nothing worse than an actual brat actively trying to kill the vibe.

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hey i'm pretty late to the party but at least we don't perma ban people for 2x RDM.


also yeh the server (imperialRP) hasn't had new life breathed into it in a long while. Sure you the various  overhauls and such prolong it's life but that's it. 


So can we please get that Lego Star Wars RP or that My Little Pony RP server? Pls and thanks.

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