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Supernova Ban Appeal

Guest Supernova

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Guest Supernova

Steam Details

Steam Name: Supernova

Steam ID: 76561198055349494

Steam Profile link: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198055349494/

In Game Details

In Game Name: Possibly "Jone" been too long

In Game Rank: PFC I think

In Game Regiment: Dont Remember


Ban Details


How long was the ban for: 20 months 

Which staff member banned you: Bullock

What date did the ban occur: 15/010/2018

What was the reason for the ban: 7 warnings in 3 days - Minging/trolling

Explain the situation in detail which led to you being banned:

7 Warnings in 3 days seems pretty bad which it is. All the warnings I had gotten was because i was imprisoned 3 times in a day or more (I don't remember much) . I wasn't mass rdming or anything it was just petty things like loitering in a area for too long etc. I didn't do anything that greatly effected the server in a harsh way just some fun with shock and just some playful messing around.

Why do you believe you deserve to be unbanned / given a second chance:

Honestly, there are no good servers to play and the ones that are decent shut down in under a month. I have friends who play on the server and I would like to play with them again. This is the longest running server and I been banned for almost 2 years now and I feel like I've been banned long enough. I put a ban appeal around a year ago and it got denied saying I hadn't been banned long enough and I should wait another year. It's been around another year so I'm writing this in the hopes you give me a second chance. :)

I want to apologise to the players and admins that I annoyed and I feel regret for my actions in the past.  It was a petty thing to do in my part and I deserved to be banned.

I hope that you look at my ban appeal with an unbiased opinion of a troll and a fellow Star wars role player. 


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Hello, Superrnova

After reading though your ban appeal I can see nothing that would deter me from thinking you shouldn't be unbanned yet. I believe 20 months served for the reason you were banned from is enough time to mature. Therefore I will be supporting this ban appeal.

Good Luck!


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Seem like a decent bloke even though you were warned a fair amount and you seem genuine in coming back to IG.

My opinion is subject to change.

Good luck with your appeal.

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