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Betrayal - Star Wars: Order 66 Short Film


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Hey IG,

So Loacher Films is a Star Wars fan film maker who does a lot of interesting content using Battlefront 2 and its game engine, recently he brought out this new video called "Betrayal" and its about Order 66, obviously.

I usually wouldn't make a post about something this small, but I don't think I've ever made a post about Loacher Films before, so I thought I would add that in as well, he is a master man, he has such cool content to watch when you're bored and it really feels like Star Wars, so alongside this video, watch some more of his stuff, its brilliant.

The way he shows the Clones in ths one actually having their memories re-wired due to Order 66 and its effects is so fucking cool. I want to see a whole film like this.


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29 minutes ago, Kamelieon said:

Ofsh this is actually so fucking good, makes me feel bad for the Jedi :( (hahhhhhhh but the Jedi deserve more)

Bro, the way that it shows all the things he did for them and then it changes it, such a unique way to show how order 66 actually affects the Clones.

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