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Reputation & Reaction Re-Shuffle


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Hello IG,

Recently I've been doing some thinking about reputation and reactions as a whole on the forums, there are a few key problems with it that I've wanted to address for a long time and now after some deliberation with Management (specifically @Cecil) I've done a small re-structure in regards to reputation and reactions on the forums.

We tossed around many ideas, like making it so that you couldn't lose reputation, and removing the reputation system completely, but ultimately decided this was the best thing to do.

Opinions being taboo
So to begin, the main thing we wanted to address is people not being to express their ACTUAL opinion on staff reports, ban appeals, staff applications and ban requests as well as other controversial topics that require people to express their opinions or say something that others might disagree with.
To prevent this, I've added two new reactions, agree and disagree (a tick and a cross) that both don't affect reputation on the forums but allow people to express the fact that they agree or disagree with someone's opinion or their post without affecting their reputation. This should hopefully help people post their true feelings (without being overly toxic of course) and not get downvoted into pure hell.

From now on, please consider, instead of downvoting or upvoting on ban appeals, staff reports, staff applications and ban requests, instead use the agree and disagree reactions to allow people to post their true feelings / response to an application without needless politics or weaponizing upvotes and downvotes to choose a side.

Re-shuffling the Emote Menu
I've re-shuffled the emote menu, emotes on the left of the menu are positive, ranging all the way to the right where they are negative, for those curious, I'll explain which reactions do what.
Like = +1 Reputation
Upvote = +1 Reputation
Haha = +1 Reputation
Poggers = +1 Reputation
Sad (new improved image now) = +1 Reputation
Agree = Neutral
Shocked = Neutral

Confused = Neutral
Thinking = Neutral
Facepalm = Neutral
Angry = Neutral
Disagree = Neutral
Downvote = -1 Reputation.

On top of this, the agree and disagree images are not set in stone and if someone has, or makes more consistent / better looking ones I'll happily replace them because, while these ones serve their purpose, I personally don't like the look of them all that much.

Hopefully this helps with the forums and its health in the long run in regards to posts and the reputation system as a whole.

Thank you for continuing to support the community and use the forums, its a good platform to get points across and allows us to connect on a community wide basis. I do plan to update the chatbox soon and put some more emotes in there.

Kind regards,

- Bailey and the Forums Team

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1 hour ago, Butcher said:

Is there a way to sort the order of the emojis in the menu?

Because it looks shit when the agree and disagree emotes are on opposite sides of the menu.

I can sort them but at the moment they’ve been sorted from +1 down to -1, that might be changed in the future.


47 minutes ago, Kamelieon said:

Can you try to make all the emojis have like the same style, they look kinda messy being from different artists.

Ah yes time for Graphic Designers to finally be used.

Already on it.

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While this is a decent addition, it definitely destroys my muscle memory of being able to love and upvote posts quickly; have to move my mouse 100 lightyears to do that now. It reminds me of when Facebook added the care react, killing my ability to quickly laugh react posts. The ordering seems is very haphazard and could be improved to better group positive, negative and neutral reactions together. Unless some sort of arbitrary rule is introduced to ban the use of upvotes and downvotes on the kinds of posts you listed, being able to directly change someone else's reputation as a response to their post is infinitely more powerful.

The reputation system doesn't promote quality posts, it promotes quantity. It allows people with lots of friends and connections to gather a large reputation, which is a very effective way to stroke one's ego. I've fallen into this trap many times; posting utter shit and controversy knowing I could somewhat get away with it since I have a high number next to my name.

I personally believe the reputation system should be replaced with a rewards system. These awards could be manually judged by forum moderators and awarded monthly for socialising with the community, voting on applications and overall contributing quality posts to the forums. It would fall in line how we award medals on the server.

Just to be clear, I don't want this post to appear as an attack on any individuals or group of people on the forums, I'm basing it off my experiences both with myself and what I've seen generally on the forums over the years. Some people fall into the behavioral habits I've listed here, some people don't. I'm speaking in broad strokes.

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36 minutes ago, SCHEFF said:

The ordering seems is very haphazard and could be improved to better group positive, negative and neutral reactions together.

The ordering is currently positive on the left through to negative on the right. However I’m going to look at changing it up to put things closer together that make sense such as the two Pepe reactions, the upvote and downvote as well as agree and disagree.

If you have any suggestions as to where they should go let me know.

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13 hours ago, Lars said:

Can we please have the graphic team make the reacts uniform and feel like they fit? Cause right now they feel like you just realized you can add emojis and added your favourite ones.


23 hours ago, Bailey said:

Already on it.


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1 hour ago, Welly said:

Is there a maximum amount of reaction images allowed to be added at one time? For example we currently have 12 different types of reactions, but could there be more?

There could be but too many will clutter it up.

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