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Event characters need a change


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To contribute to what others have said giving ECs better weapons or more health  wouldn’t solved the problem that when being a ECsometimes the equipment isn’t suitable for the situation. For example often the ECs aren’t given a short range weapons only causing them not able to give the imperial a serious treat over a longer distance. This causes the ECs to be spawned right on top of the imperials that comes with its own set of rp problems. Basically summing up I think the load outs given to ECs need to be more flexible or specific to what they need for a situation instead of the generic load outs for all situations. 

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On 6/18/2020 at 3:21 PM, Rook said:

Hey @larrythecrab!

Firstly, I really appreciate the effort you've put into this, and I appreciate even more that it's a respectful post. It's difficult to discuss when these posts are just rants.

You've made some really solid points here, and provided some really good arguments. My first promise is that I'll be bringing all of these up with my EMs in a meeting to discuss pros and cons, as well as receiving insight from other management members.

My Initial Response:

As Kris has mentioned earlier in this thread, pleasing the majority of players is a really fine line to tread. We don't aim to please everyone, but my main goal as of recently is to try and be as open and as transparent as is feasible with event changes, so that players know that we are listening. For example, we made a bunch of changes to offships and EC calls in response to community feedback, but the people who are against these changes seem to think I'm doing it "just cause", when in reality it was via votes on my event feedback forms.

Correct me if I'm mistaken, but the general stance of your post seems to be that ECs are in general too weak, and do not provide enough of a challenge for the player base. Unfortunately, we also receive complaints about ECs being too strong. 

The difficulty is trying to balance having a small number of ECs against a large number of players feel like a fair fight on a macro scale, whilst also having one EC vs one player feel like a difficult, yet winnable fight for said player on a micro scale.

That's the main reason why upping EC health doesn't solve the problem. A 200hp pilot shooting a 1200hp rebel is completely unwinnable, especially if we buff EC guns. While you may think that's a good thing, it's very frustrating for a lot of players. 

My brainstormed solution:

Of course, this has not been discussed nor tested, but my initial idea to do this is to increase EC weapon damage (by perhaps having a buffed weapons pack just for ECs), whilst keeping EC health low. This allows a small group of ECs and a large group of players to be somewhat of a fair fight, but ALSO allows for individual players to win difficult fights vs ECs if they use cover correctly, aim true and avoid damage, as the ECs won't just be unkillable gods.


Regardless of what we come to decide, I agree that a change needs to be made! Watch this space :).

To me this will be able to solve multiple issues. It will prevent peeps from complaining from high health EC's while EC's hopefully wont complain of running with pea shooters. If it is turning into a stomp fest would it be possible to have a dedicated EC if its a combat one as a medic when things get way too one sided? minus the defibs and bacta bombs of course.


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