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Star Wars: Squadrons


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Hey IG,

So the other day I saw the announcement for a new Star Wars game produced by EA (developed by an unknown company from what we know). Its rumoured to be a game about piloting most of the iconic Star Wars ships. To me, this means all the starfighters like the X-Wing, the TIE Fighter, etc. etc.

Hopefully they give us multiplayer and a heap of ships to choose from, and maybe even introduce some new ships to us via the game. According to more rumours its set to have a small singleplayer story and a multiplayer, but none of it is confirmed yet.

There is a trailer that is going to premier on youtube at 1am AEST on the 16th of June, which, as I write this is about 7 hours away.



Sorry if ya'll don't care, but I like it and I wanted to share it.

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