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P. Miracle Trial Moderator Application



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I don't think I can delete topics but I have left the community


In Game Name:
P. Miracle

Time Played Imperial RP:
5w 0d 5h 27m 23s

Time Played Imperial RP Evidence

Have you had any warns (If so state them)?
I've had two warns, one of them was for RDM during Soft RP as a shock trooper I killed another trooper this without reason other than for fun and I should've known better not to do this as I have been playing the server for a while. The second warn was for Racism, while on the death star I was placed under AOS and yelled the n-word when running away. After being caught I confessed. I didn't mean in racist way but I accepted that I shouldn't have done this and was very stupid of me and I will never do it again. Despite having these warns I should've known not to do both of these warns under any circumstances and have learnt from my past mistakes as I haven't been warned since.

Have you had any bans (If so state them)?
I have not received any bans.

Have you been staff on any other servers or communities (If so state them)?
No, I have not.

What do you believe is the purpose of Moderators on the server?
I believe that the purpose of moderators on the server is to provide support to all members of the community whether it is with simple things such as asking for tools, or more serious things such as RDM and racism whilst on the server or IRL problem that they want someone to talk to about, a moderator is there to support you. They also uphold and enforce the rules and standards of the server and this is to keep the serious RP nature of the sure whilst not being too strict so that nobody has fun and enjoyable time while on the server, also Moderators ensure that anything OOC such as DDOS threats, abuse of power, RDM, MRDM, disrespect racism, etc are taking care of. That is why the purpose of moderators on the server is to ensure that rules are reinforced throughout the server and everyone can enjoy their time while playing without hindering and interrupting RP. All of this allows for a fun experience on the server.

Why are you applying to be a Trial Moderator?
I'm applying because after 5 weeks of playing the server I feel like I want to be a role model to others in the community as I have had many experiences while playing on the server and have developed a wide range of relationships. Being given the opportunity to become a moderator would be a changing experience on the server but a great one, this is because I believe I would be able to encourage and support players when they have been encountered with RDM as an example, and the people who ruin and demoralise, insult and causing trouble on the server will be dealt with and punishments depending on how serious the offense was. As always moderators have always been supportive and letting people RP, while also making sure that everyone is not breaking the rules so others can enjoy the server, I will be there to assist, support and encourage others when needed to make a better RP experience for everyone.

What do you believe you can bring to the staff team?
I will be able to be 100% of my effort in everything I do for the staff team and I will be consistently active on the server to provide support and encouragement if anyone needs it. I will be unbiased in my confrontation during a staff sit so I can hear both sides of the story and choose the right chain of action. I have read and have good knowledge of the server rules and know how to deal with situations where a player has broken them. I'm willing to receive feedback from anyone either staff or player so I can improve in my moderation. Eagerness to learn and prove myself to staff and the community that I can learn and learn from more experienced staff members. I am a friendly and nice character and will be there if you need a chat in-game or outside. I thrive to make other people enjoy the game as much as I do and give a better roleplay experience.

Someone Mass RDM’s and disconnects from the server. What do you do?
If I saw the person get a lot of kills out of nowhere I would teleport to them immediately and go invisible to assess the situation and determine if he had a reason behind his actions bounties, blackmail, etc. But if the player has disconnected from the server I would check the server logs to determine the number of kills and damage the player has done and gather evidence and I will tp all affected players to the hull of the ISD to talk to them about the MRDM and if there was any RP behind the attack as well ask them how it played as well as any witnesses to the MRDM taking place. If it's determined to be MRDM by video evidence, dead troopers from the attack, witnesses, etc. I would get his steamid and document how many kills the player achieved. Then I would warn the individual for Mass RDMx(number of players killed.) DC to avoid punishment, and no intent to RP. Then wait and see if the player returns in the next 5-10 minutes if he hasn't then I would discuss with the Senior Moderator to see if it's appropriate to ban the player depending on if they had any other previous warnings or bans and also depending on the circumstances of the actual MRDM that took place.

Someone is bullying another member of the community. What do you do?
I would go in with an unbiased opinion to the bully as something the victim could've said something and maybe sparked a conflict between the two. I would first tp to the victim and talk to them privately in an admin sit. I would try to gather all of the appropriate evidence needed to assess the situation (i.e. video evidence, server logs, voice chat, pm's, etc) and if the victim does seem distraught I would try to comfort them to my best of my ability and letting them that this is a friendly and safe environment. After I have gathered enough information and depending on the extent of the accusations of alleged 'bully' I would pull the bully into a staff sit to talk about what has happened and the things I have learned to get the individual's story of events. I would also try to get the 'bully' and the victim to thoughtful discussion and see if they can make up, but if any hostilities from either party occur I will intervene. If the evidence was sufficient against the accused (the bully), I would let the victim and pull the the 'bully' in a private staff sit to discuss his actions against the other player, and then warn the player if he had no reason or didn't have a strong enough reason I would warn the player as bullying is not tolerated on the server. If the bullying continues with the player I would give out a one-day softban I would also give my evidence to a higher ranking staff member and ask if a longer ban period would be appropriate.

You see a higher ranking staff member abuse their powers. What do you do?
As I have been in ISB and Shock I have been using OBS to capture any rule-breaking that might occur, with a replay buffer always on. So if I see a high ranking staff member abusing powers I would try to record as much graphic evidence as possible, any other evidence such as server logs would also be documented. Then I would kindly ask the high ranking staff member to stop doing what they are doing as they are breaking the rules. If they continue to abuse their powers I would go to someone who is higher than them such as management and give them all the evidence I gathered including my plea to stop. From there I would continue to get as much evidence if they continue and give it to management and let them review the evidence provided and let them handle the punishments as they see fit, comply with the high ranking staff as it isn't the role of a Trial Moderator to handle Admin abuse.

Someone threatens to DDOS the server. what do you do?
As a trial moderator, I would try to get as much information as possible such as logs then informing management or high ranking staff to come help with the situation as I am unfamiliar with DDOS threats and what should be done. I would then make them tp to me and ask if they were bluffing about the attack or if they were serious about it. If they are bluffing I would issue a warning for faking a DDOS attack and faking attacks again could get them banned from the server. If they continue or are serious about DDOSing the server I would inform high ranking staff members and staff about the potential threat to the server, I would also give any evidence necessary so that management/high ranking staff know the situation fully. Finally, I would let management deal with the rest of the situation as I stated before I'm not familiar with DDOS threats and would let someone more experienced handle the situation.

Terms & Conditions

Steam Name:
P. Miracle

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1 hour ago, Angus said:

I have known Prodigy for a long time, hell he used to be my superior (didnt last long). He is active, nice and an all round good guy! He would make a great T-MOD 


He is a minge lmao



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7 hours ago, Kamelieon said:

+1 This guy is pretty good - honestly your warns don’t matter either

Seem like a decent bloke and as Kamelieon said, warns aren't a huge thing if you own up to them and actually understand where you went wrong, and by the sound of this application, it does.

My opinion is subject to change.

Good luck with your application.

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Evidently has put a lot of time and effort into his application

Answers are thorough and from my perspective are bang on for a staff member 

Understands his warns and rcognises that he was in the wrong for them

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