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The Great Stormtrooper (Bibleman) Rebellion of 2018


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Hello everyone!

Most of you will not remember me or know who I am but it is I Bibleman, I used to play IG alot for two years under many names but I have taken a long break from it since I am gr 11 and trying to get a high enough ATAR for either acceptance into a degree of aviation or computer science but enough about that. In the light of the civil/ race riots in America, Australia and around the world I thought it would be a nice reminder to long time members of the server to remind them of the great storm trooper rebellion of December 2018. This rebellion was organised by me and stormtrooper private Greg, we organised about 18 stormtroopers and half a dozen troopers of different regiments ( we even got 3 medics to support us and 1 death trooper) to support us in our fight for equal rights since storm troopers were badly abused by other regiments. I still remember the day the grand moff called us meat shields : (.  Anyway, In the uprising we nearly took over the bridge but we were eventually foiled because most of our ST's conscripts logged off in the climax of the rebellion ( very disloyal) and me, Greg and a handful of storm troopers made our last stand outside of the old ST bunks. In the end, all remaining 10 st's were killed when the 501st stormed our bunks where I remember st private Rudoplh screaming " No justice no peace" as he empty his last magazine into the hallway. When we re spawned we were all taken to isb where we were all BANNNED. I thought this would be a fun little reminder of an event in the servers long history, please leave a comment if you remember this since that would be great and best of luck to everyone in IG!

ps: Im not making fun of the race riots I thought it would just be a bit fun to remind everyone of this event


Below: Is a picture of me and my group of st's after they were all shot down by shock and 501st soldiers : ( 



Edit: Forgot to add but Rise of Galvatron-Part 2 is in its very early stage of development but it is coming

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OH GOD I WAS RUDOLPH. I was in ST for a bit then and changed my name to "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer" around Christmas but the entire name didn't slide past staff. 

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