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Imperial Gaming Teamspeak Rules

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The following rules are the Imperial Gaming Teamspeak rules, they are being updated as of the 3rd of June, 2020 to fit closer to our current playerbase style, as well as to iron out any misconceptions people may have about the rules on the Imperial Gaming Teamspeak. There are no current rules and in the past they have been guessed or assumed by many, including myself.

A friendly reminder that any attempt to circumvent these rules, and/or exploit gray areas will be met with punishments that the teamspeak team sees fit.

General Rules

  • Be friendly to all members of the community.
  • Do not harass, insult or bully anyone within the community. There is a line between having a disagreement with someone and harassing them.
  • Racism and prejudice will be met with punishments. This is different in essence to the rule on the forums as Teamspeak is slightly more laid back in regards to the rules. Though, as stated earlier, anything meant to be insulting to a race or group of people will be dealt with and punishments will be handed out.
  • Do not impersonate other members of the community.
  • Do not Dox members of the community. Any information someone wants left private needs to stay private.
  • Advertising other Servers and/or your application/appeal on the forums is against the rules. Twitch streams and other social medias are fine (assuming of course, that they're yours and not someone else's).
  • Do not use more than one teamspeak instance concurrently.
  • There is to be no innapropriate content such as pornography linked anywhere or shown anywhere, there are people under the age of 18 on Teamspeak and showing them such content is a federal offence.
  • There are a variety of people within the community, and especially on our Teamspeak. It is not your job to please them all, but be respectul of people's views and their life choices, even if you don't agree with it.
  • If you find a problem with the Teamspeak permissions, do not exploit it or attempt to re-create it, report it immediately, if caught doing so punishments will be handed out.

Channel Rules

  • Your channel must follow the above rules.
  • Your channel must be easily identifiable as yours. This can be done by having your name in the title, or having it mentioned prominently in the description of the channel.
  • You may not harass or insult other members of the community with your channel names or descriptions.
  • You may kick people out of your private channel for any reason you desire, you may not kick people out of public channels (such as the Navy channel, for example)
  • Your channel will not be moved up or down at any request, it stays where it is unless you have a good reason for it to be moved.
  • If someone transfer's their channel into your sub-channel or similar, in the description you need to have something identifying that they are the owner of the channel.

Teamspeak Avatar Rules

  • It may not violate any rules stated earlier, such as harassing or bullying other members of the community.
  • There may not be any political or sexual content in your teamspeak avatar, this is up to the discretion of the teamspeak and management teams if it toes the line.
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