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The last test


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To say I feel saddened to write this is an understatement, to use my phone to withdraw myself from something that’s had such a great impact on me and has introduced me to many nice people, nearly brings a tear to my eyes. The last year may as well have been my last dance, or as I say the last test. The only way to do this properly is to reference the bulls dynasty the whole time. So casting -

@SCHEFF - Irrefutably Phil Jackson, sitting there, helping from the sideline while we do the work and put in time on the field. I will always miss you, your a lad and there was always room for what made government fun when I spoke to you

@Stathi - Michael Jordan, the man who brought the attention and made us what we were:. The amount you did for Gov was amazing and I’ll always remember your dedication Governor 

And finally myself - Dennis Rodman, the man who doesn’t care, I could attribute this more to me IRL being that I do not take anyone else’s input even under my wing, and who wouldn’t want to be the man who got a bunch of hookers and drank heaps of shots with Kim 

love you all boys



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Hope to see you make a comeback eventually mate. Seriously though, good luck with everything you do, it’s that time of year and we get a lot of good people deciding to move on with their lives.


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2 hours ago, Mongo said:

@Sparx Much love kid. Never forget the shit we went through during Kanga's Reign.

I don’t remember what your talking about lol but inform me on discord, it’s Sparx#8053 and anyone else who wants to talk

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Shit bro, all my gov boys are leaving :(

Anyways, sad to see you go Sparx. Hope we can catch up in the future
hmu on discord sometime, my dms are always open
weigh in ufc 205 GIF

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