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Goodbye Imperial Gaming

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Greetings all, As most of you know lastnight was my last night on the server. I have made the decision to leave because i can't keep playing this for 6 hours a day indeed of focusing on school and other IRL stuff. I can say that these past 8 months has been amazing and iv loved every minute of it. Getting to know so many amazing people and so many amazing opportunities such as being apart of the staff team as an EM and also being apart of TI... but most importantly Captain Craig of Vader's Fist. I did see myself going far in the server, Hopefully becoming the CO of VF one day. But looks like its not gonna happen. IM sure whoever gets it will do a great job. I dont want to go through and speak about people bc that would take so long. I wish you all the best in your life. whether its on the server or IRL. Good luck everyone and i hope everyone works out for yourself. This was a hard but important decision. ITs been fun.... Until next time. Good day!

- Craig

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