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163 days into my current rank and 333 days total in Regional Government and I feel like there is too much stuff in my life for me to be hopping on an Australian server every night when I get up at 6 AM to do farm work.

I will say that it has been a blast in the recent months on the server but I cannot keep up with everything that is asked of me in person. I will look back on IG with fondness and hope that the server does well. However recently between many of my friends leaving the server and not returning as well as my school work and other life matters coming to the foreground, I have felt that I need to take a much needed break from Garry's Mod (Over 6000 hours with no break). I will see you guys around from time to time but do not expect me to be on the server for at least a good 6-7 months.

Eventually I may return but for now I will be heading out. Expect to see me join ISB next time I come back.

I will also be in Teamspeak every once in a while. If you want to play a game with me feel free to hit me up on discord: Chicken Joe#4067

@SCHEFF You are amazing, I trust that you will be able to bring Gov back to the point of revival for a 5th time. Lets talk on discord anytime

@Stathi You and I in Gov in the early days were great, too bad that didn't last. Much respect to you and all.

@Sparx Sesh with me in discord anytime.

@Welshy Let's get out of silver sometime

@Jman1308 If you're still playing SWTOR hit me up

@Fluro Take care of Gov, you will be able to bring it back from ashes (think a phoenix)

@Goliath Please work with Fluro, he is great.

@Tinky Best times were you and I in 996th. Period. Love you brother

@Ubermolen Let's continue to talk and stuff. Carry me in Siege please.

(if I missed anyone else please just reply and I'll give an honest opinion of you)


36 avocado trees out of 148 on our farm. We also plan on growing Marijuana. I will miss you guys .

Signing off for the final time,

Chief of Staff Ragnar Indellon

Captain America Salute GIF - CaptainAmerica ChrisEvans Avengers GIFs

@Bailey remove my stuff please also ily <3

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One more legend lost :(

Sad to see you go Ragnar, It was fun while it lasted and I wish you best of luck for the future. Wish we finished that Gov album lmao that shit was funny as. Atleast we got through one of the songs. (Butcher with the vocals)





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Man this is hard for me to hear, even though I'm still not playing on the server its still hard to hear that someone i've known for so long is leaving IG.

I still remember those days when you where still in SCAR, man those where nice times.

Have a good one mate, bloody legend.

Sincerely, Solar

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