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New Base/Event Map.

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Hello everyone,

A huge new map came out by 122Jimbo who also made Anaxes! It is a Coruscant Underworld map! It has multiple features in it, and can be used as a short term rotation map and event map! I could go on and on about all of the features in the map but I would be here for hours aha. It's all listed in the description. I personal think this would be a great map to add to the rotation since civs can take control of 2 different enter-able ships and there is over 50 rooms.



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The quality is kinda erm..... games 20 years ago

This one is nice though as on other maps you are kinda just stuck in base but this one is good for the civ roleplay so I support positively :) Naboo typa vibes

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1 hour ago, Kristofer said:

That map is way too big for rotation tbh. We only get roughly around 8 civs and there is no way that 8 can properly provide civ RP on a map that size. 

Can always have 8 Civs and maybe some event characters. Theres a mando base so that opens alot of door for RP like maybe a rebel cell or thugs. But it would also be a sick event map!

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