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Oh whats this? Its called...

"But does it happen" -Noone
"Is it even used" -Not a single soul

Yes actually it does!

At the South of Tramline.
The North of Shock Territory.
You may find "legalization"

If you go back a little to here:
Imperial Medical Corps (regimental showcase)
There was that section called the..

And after a period of time.
Documents. A lot of Direct Messages.

On an odd ocasion, at the end of that hallway, you will find... this:


MRD Laboratory
Clearance Level: 5+
Exceptions: MRD personnel

(if we feel nice the MT can be an exception)

and once you pass the sign, and go in through that door?



"What goes on in there" -Not a single person
"What's it for?" -Still no one

You guessed it... MEDICAL RESEARCH!
Although we are taking on a few comissions.
We are really just improving Imperial healthcare in there.

But this is truly for people who haven't seen the inside.

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