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[Discord] Star Wars Campaign [TTRPG]


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Having recently finished a Star Wars structured campaign after I began the project at the start of this year, I am finally properly looking for players who may find themselves interested in joining. Before I go into the campaign information, it should be noted that the system in play does not operate on a ‘D20’ sort of system and instead has it’s own unique dice mechanics, of which I have a bot that will do most of the heavy lifting and will be hosted on a Discord server.


The campaign setting will be set two years after the formation of the First Galactic Empire, where each player is given the opportunity to undertake a personalized one-shot. Each one-shot will give the player the chance to get further into character by experiencing where their character was during the height of the republic all the way through Order 66 and up to current time. 


At the start of the campaign, each character must have a neutral to an antagonistic viewpoint on the Galactic Empire, as the story revolves around the Empire playing their designated role of story antagonist and any alignments that sit with Pro-Empire viewpoints will distort the story. Alignments within the story will be allowed to change over time, however, it must make sense for the character and story, as well as not be forced by the player.


Finally, when it comes to force-user characters it will fully depend on how many active players I have within the campaign. If I get four or five interested people, then I will happily allow one to play a force-user and if I get six, then a second force-user can be discussed. However, it must be stated that force-users must be decided as a group so each person can have an equal chance at playing one, as well as that no inherent sith characters will be allowed.


If you are interested or have any questions feel free to contact me via Discord - Lars#6945


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Unfortunately if I have not contacted you, or have not responded to you, I am unable to take anymore. Due to an overwhelming amount of people interested, I have had to make the decision to run three groups as frequently as I can that are all working within the world.

That being said, if you are still interested in being in the discord to be a one-off character here and there instead of a permanent member then please feel free to contact me. If there become slots available, I will also put the one-off character people in as permanent slots. 

Also, if you are typically a Dungeon Master of D&D and wish to learn this system, I would love to hear from you and we could potentially make more groups and make this campaign a large living world.

Again my contact for Discord is - Lars#6945.

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There is currently a spot available for our 'New Republic' group that has it's sessions beginning this weekend and will be Sundays at 5pm - 7pm AEST (Brisbane).

If interested please contact me via discord @ Lars#6945.

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