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Curly's Introduction

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Here is my late introduction that I should of done a long time ago...

Hey guys, i'm Curly, Second Lieutenant of the 96th NOVA Commandos

I think I joined the server in about January, somewhere around the start of the year I think. I have come to really enjoy this server, and to introduce myself a bit more to the community I thought i should have an introduction, for those who do not know who I am. I now have 2 weeks and about 2 days of playtime (i literally only play on this server now). I was trained as a recruit by Aldwin when he was in Nova, which got me into Nova, as i joined right after I got the tour as i found immediate interest in the regiment. I have progressed myself up the ranks to second lieutenant. I had joined and not knew much about the server, requirements for things applications, which is when i made a mistake in the pac3 applications at i think about 1 week of playtime. In that incident i had no idea how the applications worked, and to be specific, the playtime required, and what the 'examples' section was, so i put in examples of what i would aspire to build with pac3. That then led to what people believed was plagiarism, which led to me not being able to apply for 3 months, which now seems fair, as i should of looked at other applications before posting mine. Sadly that led to me believing that a fair few people disliked me for that mishap, as i thought it was not a good look and gave me a bad reputation, which i have tried to fix over the past month or two. I think if i tried hard enough i could try to fix that reputation and make people believe it was a simple misunderstanding on my behalf. Moving forward, since then i have found a great interest in being event characters, and civilians on rotation maps. I like doing all different kinds of RP which you could see me doing in civilian comms such as taxi services, and shop/bar services, which i find fun and enjoyable. I enjoy hosting training and getting as many people as possible into the regiment as I can. Since then, i have also been trying to put some really hard effort into testing different features for pac3, and trying to build some good ones aswell. I have also tried to make some friends and fix my reputation with some people.

so yeah

that's my long, and late introduction that you probably didn't want to read


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