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Hey it's me, your favourite.

So uh this is my third time on, second time joining back. I didn't think I'd come back so soon but I enjoyed my 5 months away, like I actual went outside a lot more :pogchamp: but then quarantine hit and then for some reason I started watching a lot of military videos on youtube and it reminded me of Star Wars Role Play and more so Imperial Gaming because its the only one I play ;)

But for those who know me and of course missed me, hey hey! And for those who joined in the last 5 months, what's goody goody, I hope we get to know each other. But for those who were here before January and don't know me.... I shake my head at you.

While I was on my break I took a liking for Overwatch more and as we do (epic-gamers) I played minecraft, and speaking of epic-gamers, well I played The Cycle by Epic Games.

Heres a bit of my IG reg history for those who care:

  • 442nd Siege Battalion
  • Storm Commandos
  • Magma Troopers
  • Shore Troopers (for like what, not even 24 hours - IYKYK)
  • Incinerator Troopers (Commander - Donator)
  • SCAR Troopers (rose to Commander)
  • 212th Attack Battalion
  • Imperial Starfighter Corps (Nashtah all the way bb)
  • ISC Tank Troopers
  • Medical Troopers
  • SCAR Troopers
  • Shadow Troopers
  • Medical Troopers (present)

But I'm really no one significant, I've been a PAC3 Tier 1 user twice and everyone overtook me in XP Rank while I was gone for 5 months

Cant believe I've written two resignations before and have come back again, I guess I just like making people feel sad......................................

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