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A Community Reflection

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Hey everybody, as always, I hope you're all doing well. 


I wanted to take some time to talk about two topics today. Firstly, a reflection after May the 4th and to address all the changes. It's been a while since I last made a formal forum post so I thought I'd just chat with you all a little bit. 


A Reflection
In this past week since May the 4th, I've done a lot of thinking centred around the community. After taking a step back for a couple weeks, I realised how much this Community meant to me. I realised how much I loved that there are familiar faces everywhere and how easy it is to have a relaxed or serious conversation with these people. We're all here for our joint love of Star Wars but our community has evolved into so much more than that and that's something that we should all be proud of. 

The Moderatorion team gives up their time to continue to assist and resolve issues wherever possible, the event team work tirelessly to create and nurture RP and the Development team have developed and produced a whole array of changes which will be discussed later in the post. Thank you to the wonderful Staff team, your service to the Community does not go unnoticed.


Recent Changes
As mentioned before, recently there have been a lot of changes on the server. The server switched Dedi, the quest system was revamped, DT now falls under the Emperor and finally there is an entire economy present now. I'm aware that change is scary and that learning new systems and procedures isn't an easy task, but I'm going to ask the Community to continue to push themselves to adapt.
We (Management) only make these changes because we strongly believe that these changes will result in a positive outcome for the Server and Community in the long-run. With this being said, ideas still need to be tweaked and I encourage all of you to bring forward any issues that you may have to Management and/or the Development team so that these ideas and tweaks can be implemented. No change is permanent.


Also huge congratulations to @Auzii on reaching Community Graphic Designer. He is now in-charge of all things graphic. :feelsbirthdayman:

Yours sincerely,
Cecil and the rest of Management. 



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Congrats @Auzii on reaching community graphics designer and good luck with other stuff in the future. The changes were hard to get used to in the first couple of days but ive been growing to like them more. The only thing i still have not still gotten use to is the new ammo system, but still, i like the changes, and the server has been alot more smoother

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1 hour ago, SiegeMonkey said:

I love being on the moderatorion team

Nah but it's good to see things changing and getting better. Also congrats auzii

We all know the Administration team work in the shadows, pulling strings ;) Congrats @Auzii on Community Graphic Designer. 

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This is such a wholesome post. Cecil is a big softy at heart, much love Mr 'Original Thicc Sister Lizard'.

Just from viewing from the outside I can see how much the server has changed and evolved in the time since my departure and I have to say it is highly impressive work. The teams must be working their asses off even more than normal because the server is looking healthy, happy and better than ever from what I can see. Must be doing one heck of a job @Cecil, keep on keeping on. Love you and the rest of the IG family and hopefully one day I make it to coming back around at some point in the future <3




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4 hours ago, Bailey said:

Yay for Auzii. Also he's above admins in TS now hehe.

We love you too Cecil, especially me.


@Auzii You got guts sticking your head around here son. Congrats Brother <3

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On 5/15/2020 at 3:54 AM, |Stryker| said:

good job developers! i strive to be just like you guys one day!

not getting the proper developer tag :pepehands:


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