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Eh I'm gonna go for a -1 with this one chief 
- Known for extorsion of other communities and attempting to silence those who disaggree with him
- Very blatantly advertised to his friends (Unsure if this isnt allowed for DEV applications)

-You appear to model primarily for things like darkrp and policerp which isnt really needed for a SWRP server


15 minutes ago, AshtonFletch said:

TBH every game developer has hate from the media that's how you know they are a legit dev. Type in DayZ for example and they have the exact same issue but it doesn't mean they aren't good devs.

To respond this yeah everybody gets hate now and then but its never as bad as extorsion and threatening to expose people

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Cancelling Application
Ok i am resigning my application from here this community isn't something i wanna be helping for (FREE)
if rage decides he would like some custom stuff made he can contact me via discord but i will offer my services els ware unfortunately a small minority as ruined the chances of me wanting to work here for free.

Also DayZ has a history of extorsion and threatening to expose people as well im sure you would see its not as simple as that when you have a crowd of 50k + watching your every move
one small mistake turns into a major issue and the media will sugar coat it for sure. TBH i don't expect you to understand as well none of you are in my position of having this many people watching you every move but maybe one day you will.

Kind regards,
Varius Benson

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Massive -1 Possibly the largest I can ever give.

Firstly, good work on some of these models, they're not bad, a bit boxy and simple imo, however, it shows you can actually do some mesh work. That's not why I'm -1'ing however.

To begin
- You do not play our community, nor have you ever.
- Your "friend" Ashton Fletch used the same IP as you for his registration and both of your last used IP's are the exact same (good one) and his email is an obvious fake one, who even uses mailcupp?
- I literally searched your name and the first thing that came up was a video with 35,000 views about how you're a bad Dev and how you tried to extort people. This video can be viewed here. 

All in all, you've come here, without playing, with a terrible history and then you have lied to us about said history, then you've made an alt account to try and sway the tide back towards you.

I don't want you on the Dev team, nor do I want you apart of the community, I'm banning your alt and once this application is sorted, I'll be banning your main account too.

Stay away from IG, and I mean it.

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5 minutes ago, VariusBenson said:

unfortunately a small minority as ruined the chances of me wanting to work here for free


With a history of extorting other communities, I somehow doubt it - Either way, we are fine without you in my honest opinion.

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Edit: Looks like I was too slow off the jump to post this before the application was withdrawn

Before I begin I want to make it blatantly clear that my stance on this application is a strong -1.

Firstly, there is strong evidence from multiple sources to confirm the fact that you have previously made false DMCA claims against multiple youtubers, and have threatened legal action against them as a result of negative feedback on your game CivilContract. This is, without question, behaviour that displays immense immaturity which is completely unbefitting of a member of the IG Development Team. It is my understanding that, as a result of the actions you have taken you were, in essence, forced out of any serious position within your own dev team. This compounds and speaks volumes for your character as a person.

Discord messages shown in all source videos listed below continue to demonstrate high levels of immaturity and general disrespect towards others. This is quite literally the opposite of the type of person we would want in the IG Dev Team. Part of being a developer is the ability to handle feedback, oftentimes in the form of criticism, well. I do not believe you can do this.



Source 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R_cFPcAYg0Q
Source 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mf4WITIGNGY
Source 3: https://youtu.be/BQYrr-40NDs
Source 4: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T58I5z384ZM

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